CNN: Trump Signing MAGA Hats For Troops May Have Violated Pentagon Rules


CNN’s Pentagon correspondent said that President Trump signing red “Make America Great Again” hats for troops in Iraq may have violated Defense Department rules.

“What commander allowed that to really happen?” Barbara Starr asked Wednesday night.

“This is very much against military policy and regulation,” Starr said. “Troops are not supposed to be involved in political activities; the U.S. military is not a political force.”

The president and first lady Melania Trump made unannounced visits to Iraq and Germany on Wednesday to visit the troops. Video footage showed Trump signing the red baseball caps that were a symbol of his presidential campaign.

Read more at The Hill.



  1. Where were you CNN FAKE NEWS ENEMIES OF THE PEOPLE when Obama signed pictures of “himself” for the troops in Afghanistan and Kuwait and other US bases? Didn’t it violate Pentagon rules? Hypocrites.

  2. Trump-hating CNN at it again. The hats were the soldiers’ personal property. There is NO violation of ANYTHING.

    Oh, by the way, their god Obama autographed all kinds of paraphernalia when he visited the troops.

    Hypocrisy and hate at its worst.

  3. “the U.S. military is not a political force.”

    That is supposed to be true for all government agencies, including the IRS (as example) which under Obama targeted those who opposed the Democrats etc etc etc ad infinitum. Except that what Trump violated was a policy of an underling, while what Obama violated (as example, with the IRS) was the Constitution of the United State.

  4. This is a terrible unconscionable development! Trump should resign immediately! Jerrold Nadler and I will start congressional hearings as soon as we return from the shut down!

  5. Let us see the actual policy (NUMBER 1344.10):

    4. POLICY
    It is DoD policy to encourage members of the Armed Forces (hereafter referred to as members”) (including members on active duty, members of the Reserve Components not on active duty, members of the National Guard even when in a non-Federal status, and retired members) to carry out the obligations of citizenship. In keeping with the traditional concept that members on active duty should not engage in partisan political activity … the following policy shall apply:

    4.1.1. A member of the Armed Forces on active duty may: Display a political bumper sticker on the member’s private vehicle.

    So is a political bumper sticker on an active member’s private vehicle somehow less political than a private hat?


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