Co-conspirator in Murder of Menachem Stark Hy”d Sentenced to 2-7 Years

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Kendall Felix, who pleaded guilty to second-degree conspiracy for the murder of Menachem Stark was sentenced to a minimum of two years and four months to a maximum of seven years on Wednesday.

Family members of a kidnapped and killed Brooklyn landlord whose body was found charred in a Long Island dumpster railed against what they said was too lenient a sentence for the man who bought the gasoline and burned the body.

“I feel that it’s way too little. The man ruined a living family’s life. No one asked him to burn the body. Cruel beyond words. I believe he deserves a lot more,” said Yenti Hershkovitz, the sister-in-law of Menachem Stark, whose murder rocked the Williamsburg Hasidic community in 2014.

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  1. Guess it wasn’t white collar crime
    These liberal judges are a disgrace they belong in סדום
    Interesting that the Stark family doesn’t HV to pay this vermon for the dispicaboe crime he did

    • Let him go! What will his time behind bars accomplish? Mendool Stark is gone. Why ruins second person life?
      Have rachmoones.

      • wow! you are so insensitive. Some thoughts should be left unsaid. This is one of them. The degree of selfishness in your comment is scary.. I suggest you try and practice this: אל תדון… עד שתגיע למקומו…. hashem should help none of us have a nisayon like this ever.


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