Coalition Crisis: Bennett Threatens To Leave Netanyahu Government Over Peace Talks On ’67 Lines

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naftali-bennettHabayit Hayehudi leader Naftali Bennett said Thursday that his party would not sit in a government that negotiates with the Palestinians based on 1967 borders. Other right-wing cabinet ministers and MKs were also quick to clarify that they would not cooperate with Netanyahu if he proceeds with talks on this basis.

Such opposition may lead to a breakup of the coalition government, but will also seriously constrain Netanyahu within his own Likud faction. Read more here.

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  1. who is taking this seriously
    Those in the inside consider Bennett the same or arguably to the more left, than Netanyahu

    To keep his more religious comrades on board for the much more important destruction ,
    hey,pretend a little..

  2. Cohen,,,you got the wrong info.

    Hope he does leave the government over this issue. Enough is enough of the ridiculous goodwill gestures, letting out murderers who then kill more Jews, and enough playing to the tune of the EU and AMERICA who are all ready to bury the Jewish country.

  3. How could bennett ever of agreed to sit in a government with yair lapid its all about money and power bennett is not going anywhere


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