Cohen’s Father Said He Didn’t Survive Holocaust To Have His Name ‘Sullied’ By Trump: Report

Michael Cohen, seen here in May MUST CREDIT: Bloomberg photo by Peter Foley
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The decision of President Trump’s former longtime lawyer Michael Cohen to plead guilty to multiple fraud charges and campaign finance law violations reportedly came after a conversation he had with his father earlier this year, who said he did not survive the Holocaust to have his name “sullied” by Trump.

The Wall Street Journal reported on Wednesday that a person familiar with the conversation said the exchange prompted Cohen, who once said he would “take a bullet” for the president, to break with Trump.

Maurice Cohen, a Polish Holocaust survivor, reportedly urged his son not to protect Trump and said that he did not survive the Holocaust to have his name “sullied” by the president, a person familiar with the conversation told the Journal.

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  1. So now we know why Michael Cohen is such a crook and liar. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Hey, Mr. Maurice, who sullied whose name, you liar?

    • Criminal Comey’s father also had something to say about President Trump after his son fired. There must be something criminal fathers forward to their sons.

  2. And you didn’t survive the holocaust so you can say “my son the lawyer”.
    Stop with the crocodile tears. Your son is a sleazy lowlife who BROKE THE LAW. If you would of been michanech YOUR son in the proper derech, maybe, just maybe, he wouldn’t be having all these problems now.
    When your son was making money hand over fist, we didn’t hear you crying. Phony!

  3. Too bad he didn’t teach his son ethics, if there is a honest lawyer, but all Mr. Cohen could have said if something handed to him that he felt was dishonest, was the word NO. Also Lawyer to protect his clients, also when his clients get to be a big as Trump went as how to protect information that no one can retrieve it but him. Every heard of a dumb lawyer and how not to protect your clients? Trump only guilty is to chose a dumb lawyer who does not know how to protect clients information. Mr. Cohen’s father should have taught him ethics and how to not get in trouble and do the honest thing. Then He would have had a very proud father and not blame others.

  4. Let’s be really honest if the media wasn’t a bunch of lowlife he wouldn’t of had to pay a Hush money Because whatever you did while immoral was in no way criminal on like Bill Clinton from the media defended no matter what he did

  5. As far as breaking the laws concerns while it may be true Democrats have done far worse and been let off the hook for one excuse or another like Jimmy Gardener who was let off the hook because he was “” too important

  6. Great statement. First look at his Torah. These people sully their own names.

    Cohen? A levite priest class father and son? Where is his kohain status his discipline? Can I ask?

  7. While you don’t have to agree with his father and he may even be wrong one should never judge a holocaust survivor. It is truly disgusting that you could have so many frum people just “mach avek” someone who went through the holocaust. Do you know what it feels like to see your son go through that after losing everything, again even if he is wrong, who made you the judge?

    • Good point. Any holocaust “survivor” has a free reign to say and do anything he pleases, even if it’s against our Torah. Just like the blacks with the race card, survivors can always pull out their Survivor card. Brilliant.

      • Tremendous,

        Are you a member of the Yiddishe community? You don’t sound like one. You actually sound like a Goy who is far removed from what our parents (I’m first generation) and grandparents (I’m named after both my grandfathers who perished in Auschwitz) went through during the world war.
        Go talk to some Concentration Camp Survivors or Partisans before they are all gone. Ask them about the “living” conditions in the camps or how they somehow made it through the war. Once you learn about that horrible period of “history” you may become a bit more sensitized to those who are still with us. May all Survivors be well and live out the remainders of their lives in happiness, biz 120.

        • Hey Commie, unfortunately 99.9% of WW2 partisans and fighters are gone due to an old age. I was lucky enough to meet some of them decades ago. They’d be the first ones to tell manipulative Cohen’s father to shut up, and stop the Holocaust misappropriation.

        • Excellent point. Cohen should freed of all charges. Trump is an anti semite for allowing the persecution of a child of holocaust survivors to drag on like this. Where is the outcry? Where are our heimishe politicians?

  8. based on the comments above, Id say this is a bunch of 3rd graders who grew up in the lap of yiddishkeit in lakewood or williamsburg, who have no clue of the nisyonos that survivors went thru. In their puny little minds they blame a man for not being/staying religious after the horrors he must have seen.

  9. In Europe before the holocaust the reform and their ilk destroyed the yiddishkeit. That’s why G-d allowed a holocaust.

    • then explain why german jews were able to escape in larger numbers? the birthplace of reform! you might want try a new sefer without Rabbi Miller as the author! also maybe reevaluate everything you hear!

      • Hey 11:05, if wouldn’t have made your comment had you understood that H sees the Jewish nation as one, and there is no such thing as German Jews other than perhaps certain artificial cultural differences. As far as why certain individuals survived and others didn’t, we can’t know. Besides, a lot of Jews in Germany did tshuva when nazis came to power and the mask fell off the German “enlightened culture”.

        • reform started in germany. if the holocaust happened because of reform. then explain the holocaust statistics.
          Austria: 27 percent (50,000)
          Germany: 25 percent (142,000)


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