Colin Powell: Iran Deal is ‘Pretty Good’

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colin powellDuring a segment of NBC’s “Meet the Press” Sunday, former Secretary of State Colin Powell endorsed the Iran Deal on the table. “It’s a pretty good deal,” he said. He addressed the concern that the deal would allow Iran to get a nuclear weapon faster saying that people “forgetting the reality that [Iranian leaders] have been on a superhighway, for the last 10 years, to create a nuclear weapon or a nuclear weapons program, with no speed limit.”

Powell thinks the deal will move forward even if Congress doesn’t end up agreeing.

“Even if we were to kill the deal — which is not going to happen — it’s going to take effect anyway, because all of these other countries that were in it with us are going to move forward,” he said. Read more at NBC News.

{CB Newscenter}


  1. Colin Powell sold America short with the war for Iraq and now he wants to do the same for Iran.

    Sad. He should stay out of the headlines. He has no composite for current leadership.

  2. Powell endorsed Obama in both Presidential elections he ran in.

    Shows you what a phony he is. He supposedly was a Republican, when it was good and convenient for him. Then he openly defected and went over to other side, after the Republicans raised him to high places.

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