College Scam: Parents ‘Disown’ Their Kids To Get Financial Aid

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Dozens of college students from well-to-do families may be getting money reserved for poorer families thanks to a legal loophole: They’re giving up custody of their children.

The Wall Street Journal reported Monday that families near Chicago would give up legal guardianship of their children to relatives or friends. Students would then file for financial independence, which effectively opened the door to financial aid they wouldn’t have been able to access while under the legal care of their parents.

The tactic is legal, but ethically questionable, said Andrew Borst, the director of undergraduate admissions at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. Chief among his concerns: Financial aid money is limited.

“Money we give to one student is money not going to another student,” Borst said.



Read more at USA Today.



  1. I agree with Senator Sanders. We must do something to eliminate student loan debt. How can we start out on a career when it will take us years to climb out from the greedy Colleges who are killing us?

  2. So let me see if I got this straight. Rich people are pretending to be poor in order to get into colleges that pretend to give them an education, while not allowing non-left speakers on the campus.

    So who is scamming who?

  3. The Left are evil and cruel. A school in Pennsylvania threatened parents to seize their children and put them in foster care if they did not pay for their lunches EVEN THOUGH someone was kind enough to offer to cover the cost. RESHAIM GEMURIM!

    • It’s not as bad as Yeshivos throwing out Yiddishe kinderlach because they did their research and don’t want to harm themselves taking a vaccine shot.

      • Yeshivos/schools, like doctors and the media, get paid for every fatal injection they inject into our Yiddishe kinderlech. I’d advise parents to hold strong and stick to their principles for the sake of their children and future generations. Very soon this mandatory vaccination endangering our children will stop, as President Trump promised. The President is very against these vaccinations even though he “officially” sided with them – the Sitra Achra. (That was because he wanted to stop THEM from spreading the measles diseases from the labs. – Real News)

  4. Such a dumb statement. The yeshivos also did their research. Amazingly 99% of doctors say vaccines are safe. Your children should not be put in a yeshiva where they can harm children. Now back to the topic, if its legal then I don’t see any problem doing this. If you don’t like it get someone to close this loophole.

  5. This is another example for the argument that charity should be privately disbursed. Wholesale distribution of charity, whether by government or any fund which is open to the public, is prone to abuse. Sometimes the abuse is legal, sometimes it’s not, but it’s widespread, and eats at the charity’s resources. Privatized funds get a lot more bang for their buck. Neither side is a perfect solution, but here’s but one more argument to consider.


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