Colorado Town Threatens A Year In Jail For Residents Who Refuse To Wear Masks

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The city of Englewood, Colorado, just south of Denver, is requiring all of its residents to wear face masks amid a spike in coronavirus cases — and violators could face up to a year behind bars, coupled with a hefty fine.

The emergency order, issued by City Manager J. Shawn Lewis and approved by the city council Monday, went into effect Thursday. It states that everyone over the age of 6 will be required to wear a mask while outside their homes.

First offenders will be ticketed with a $15 fine, and second and subsequent offenders will have to shell out $25. The maximum penalty is a fine of up to $2,650, 360 days behind bars or both.

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  1. Masks are just to suffocate the people. Serves no purpose since surgical mask does NOT stop the transmission of a virus. This is the biggest hoax ever.

    Wearing a mask does NOT stop a virus, barely helps with a bacteria. 3 different doctors claim there has been a very significant increase of patients with respiratory fungal infections in emergency rooms caused from wearing masks. The media is also trying to cover this up.

    • Of course surgical masks do not protect from the virus. Why don’t you use N95 if that is the issue you are concerned about? There is no shortage at this time.

      FFR are approved for use on a 8-hr shift, unless they get wet or dirty and if they do they have to be immediately replaced. Allow me to doubt that someone who isn’t used to use PPE on the job will use a N95 for eight hours straight, when there are people who complained about being inconvenienced by a surgical mask. Surgical masks do not really have a time limit, they have to be replaced when wet or dirty or when the user is finished with them, and allow me to doubt that someone who is not a surgeon or operating theater nurse would wear a surgical mask for 12 hours. Let me guess, those people with the fungal infections were wearing eco-friendly cotton reusable masks or homemade non-woven “community” things that some well-meaning lady has volunteered to sew? Or possibly reusing a surgical mask, which is meant to be worn non-stop and then discarded after taking it off? Please ask those doctors and post here the answer.

      • We use masks only for police but it’s the homemade woven ones with big holes for breathing. Healthy people don’t need masks and sick people should stay home. Why should a healthy person suddenly think he’s not well? “Masks are only for those who believe in corona,” our doctor says.

        • Your considerations are incorrect. Healthy people do need respiratory protection and wear it all the time with no ill effects. Do you really think respiratory protection is optional when working with asbestos or paint, with solvents and with fuel, in enclosed spaces with fumes, at a nuclear power plant, in a laboratory, or even in the habanero chili business? Quite literally, for a lot of people respiratory protection is the difference between life and death. Does your doctor not believe in toxicity of chemicals either? As for sick people, they have all sort of valid reasons to go around. A sick person who needs, say, dialysis, has to go to a nearby hospital within a timeframe of hours, whether there is available a nurse who is specialized in both nephrology and infectious diseases, or whether there isn’t. Then again, given your outlook on life, I would not be surprised if you would not care for the well-being of the “weak sheeple”.

  2. Why do I have to wear a mask? If you wear a mask, aren’t you protected from all those who don’t wear masks even if they breath on you?

    • The basic mask does nothing more than reduce (not even eliminate) the amount that the mask wearer breathes onto others. it offers very little (if any) protection to the wearer. Masks to protect the mask wearer is of a special and specific type designed specifically for that purpose, and at best is only 95% effective on its own.

      • Since mask wearers are not really protected with masks anyhow, why bother? I don’t wear a mask. Too dangerous. Those who don’t like it, let them cross the street, run 200 miles ahead or stay home. I follow halachah: חייך קודמיין Your life takes precedence over the life of others. בבא מציעא ס”ב ע”א

        Healthy people do not need masks and sick people should stay home. Why should a healthy person suddenly think he’s not well? “Masks are only for those who believe in corona,” our doctor says.

    • I am not a talmid chochom. But the fact is that most masks do not prevent viruses from entering. However, a mask does prevent much of the small respiratory particles which contain the tiny virus cells from ever getting into the air.

      I suspect that this concept may be too difficult for the simpleminded wolves out there, so I will explain it in a more simple manner. When most people talk, at least a little bit of their saliva is airborne (goes into the air). If the person is sick with a virus, that saliva may contain virus cells. The saliva lands, however small bits of virus sometime remain in the air for some time. If another person breathes in the cells he can get sick. Those cells are so tiny that most masks can’t stop them from entering a person’s mouth. However, if the sick person were to wear a mask then the saliva will usually not be able to get past the sick person’s mask and never become airborne. Therefore, the best way to protect others is by wearing a mask.

      However, a true courageous wolf will dismiss the truth, because they don’t care about others anyway. After all, caring for another Yid would brand you as a sheeple. Nebach!

      • This is a nice and informative post with no bullying and put-down.
        Thank you. I was wearing masks, but now I feel good in my knowing I am protecting my fellow Yid.

    • Using the expression “talmidei chachamim” to sarcastically indicate dimwits is beyond disgusting, Anyway I am a proud dimwit among the sheeple and I will assume your question is sincere and try to answer you.
      I am not afraid that you breathe on us. Beardless people (sheeple?) in my family wear a KN95+ properly fitted and we also use on top of it either a surgical mask or a face shield, because there have been disturbing incidents of lowlives spitting at “privileged” people who can afford expensive masks, or whatnot. Bearded people when they must go out will do the same, but can’t fit it properly and protection will be limited. Do you believe that fellow Yidden, including real talmidei chachamim, have either to take the extra risk or to shave their beard, in order to accommodate those who “enjoy” going around spreading their disease? (after 120 I don’t think they will enjoy). However, small children can’t wear a mask. There is a 3M KN90 and similar other brands developed for the Asian markets and rated 5-12 years (Note: manufacturers never requested approval in the USA, in fact, in the USA N95 are cleared for use by 18+ yr old workers only). But for a toddler or newborn, it is not possible to use a mask. You may say interstitial pneumonia is rare in children and Kawasaki-like is uncommon (I don’t play Russian roulette with my life nor my children’s), but there remains the fact that countless children are catching the disease with only mild symptoms or none. What will be for them in the future? Will they have to do a shidduch only with other corona affected people? Will they be able to father and mother healthy children? Will they develop viral dementia? (some cases already in hospitals) Will they develop other long-term complications? Kidney failure? Cancers? Coagulation disorders? Heart problems? Diabetes? No one knows yet for sure. I have asked you many times if you have children and you never respond. You talk like someone who has nothing to lose, except perhaps the presidential 2020 elections. My family has a lot to lose, and we are careful. Let me continue: there are elderly people with pre-existing respiratory problems who do not qualify for a filtering respirator, and who of course are even more at risk should they catch corona. They are the people you often describe as disposable, because they have (very well controlled) pre-existing conditons. We do have more than one PAPR, but it’s not something easily concealed in the summer, where no one wears scarves etc. and it also makes it hard to hear and speak. A number of people have made unpleasant comments, as if it were not a Torah obligation to care for our health and other people’s (sheeple?) health. The result? It has been months that it’s only ladies and girls (old enough to stand their ground and ignore what “freedom-lovers” say to them) and beardless teenage boys will go out for any necessary errands (groceries are delivered and Amazon has made good money off us). This is due to the large number of people (methinks THEY are sheeple) who have carelessly caught the virus and who now are circulating it around, as they can’t be bothered to stay home, and can’t even be inconvenienced to reduce the viral load they spread by wearing a mask. I think you don’t care about my health and my family’s, but if your question is sincere, there you have your answer.

      • See my response to previous posts. After your whole pshetel, can you explain why nobody was sick since Jan with the flu, pneumonia, bronchitis and other sickness? At least it wasn’t in the media. And can you explain why it’s politicians, including health ministers, giving daily updates, rather than doctors and hospitals globally. Some people went to several major hospitals and asked them whether they were contacted about the corona cases in the hospitals. They all said that nobody contacted them ever. Indeed, the politicians never mention names of hospitals because they know it can be verified.

        “Will they have to do a shidduch only with other corona affected people?” Yes, of course. If one side believes be’emunah shelemah in the corona madness and the other side is awake, how can such a shidduch come about?

        Elderly people can’t catch a non-existent virus. They can catch the flu and perhaps fever.

        I think it’s time for you and your family to wake up. Seriously! Not joking!

        • Are you Jewish? Why do you want me to go around without a mask? If the virus does not exist, I will have wasted some money in masks, will have been inconvenienced a little, and of course I will have avoided bronchitis, flu, cold which are all prevented in the same way covid is. What do I gain by catching the virus? What do you gain by me catching the virus?

        • Since when does the media talk about flu and bronchitis? Last I checked that is not considered news. I personally know people who have contracted news but what does that have to do with anything. Do you really think corona virus does not exist? You don’t personally know people who’ve had all it’s strange symptoms and who’ve died from it? Where do you live, the moon?!


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