Comey: Lynch Told Me Not To Call Probe Of Clinton Emails An Investigation


During the course of the FBI’s investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server, former FBI director James Comey said he had a troubling exchange with then-attorney general Loretta Lynch.

During a meeting with Lynch, Comey said that the attorney general told him: “Don’t call it that (an investigation). Call it a matter. Just call it a matter.’’

Comey made the comment as part of his Thursday testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Though he disagreed with her, and thought it was becoming increasingly “silly’’ to describe the review as anything less than an investigation, Comey said he remembered thinking at the time, “This isn’t a hill worth dying on.’’

Still, Comey said the direction gave the “impression’’ that the government was aligning its work with the Clinton campaign.

“It gave me a queasy feeling,’’ he said. Readmore at USA Today.




  1. Comey seems like a decent fellow but not really dealing with politicians and doesn’t seem to grasp what they are doing or manipulating him.. Like really youi had no idea what Lynch was trying to do? Comey is out to lunch. Glad he is gone

  2. Special counsel perhaps? Nah she’s a liberal so “what’s the big deal” or what difference does it make

  3. So Comey now admitted obstruction of justice in the Clinton investigation by AG Lynch. He also admitted leaking memos and unauthorized information and perhaps classified information to the press after he was fired. He now admitted that the NY Times, CNN and others “got the story wrong from the memo” he leaked to them. So after about 2 months of letting the press crush Trump and destroy him as much as possible, he decided to “admit” that the media “got his memo wrong” and misunderstood him. So the press are now “admitting” they got the story wrong and and issued a retraction after Comey’s testimony. He also admitted now that no one tried to influence him on Russia but when he leaked it to the press he asked them to change it to that Trump did try to influence him on Russia. What a liar! Can we expect Comey to get arrested after all these lies?


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