Commission: LIPA Showed ‘Breathtaking Waste And Inefficiency’


lipaFederal prosecutors should examine the relationship between the Long Island Power Authority and Chicago-based Navigant Consulting, a state commission tasked with overseeing how New York utilities responded to Superstorm Sandy said yesterday.

The Moreland Commission, created by Gov. Andrew Cuomo just weeks after the October storm, issued its final report after reviewing more than 175,000 documents, holding 10 hearings, and interviewing more than 90 stakeholders and witnesses.

The report found questionable billing and reimbursement practices that racked up millions of dollars.

Read more at CBS LOCAL.

{ Newscenter}


  1. Wow you think. They relieved increases to up grade services for years and did nothing they received increases for tree pruning and did nothing. Lipa not the singer was a political pay off from his father
    We took a private company and guess what that’s what we r getting again


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