Committee: Advertising Cosmetician Services is Assur

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tweezer1Cosmetician services are the latest korban of a kehillah committee, with publications in Modiin Illit being told that they may not feature any advertisements for eyebrow tweezing and similar services.

According to a committee there, the advertisements – even if they contain just text – are considered inappropriate. About a month ago, the committee was formed after a few objectionable advertisements appeared in newspapers. Now, business-owners in Modiim Illit are complaining that the committee members are going overboard.

Siddur gabot, or eyebrow shaping and arrangement, may not be advertised according to the committee, even if the ad does not contain any objectionable photo or language.

The move, say many residents is unfortunate, because this involved the parnassah of wives of many avreichim in the town. Not being allowed to advertise will hurt them financially.

“If we allow these committees to forbid things that are not forbidden according to any posek or hashkafa, then what can we expect?” a frustrated resident was quoted as saying.

{Yair Israel}


  1. What an abuse of power.

    Once again we have trouble makers who’s only concern is their own kavod and power, who seek to control every aspect of other peoples lives.

    This is neither “daas” nor “torah”.

  2. we are witnessing the utter destruction of Yiddishkeit in our times.These fanatics are no better than te reform or conservative or reconstructionist.The hat and uniform are different but the spirit is the same.

  3. Who is it that formed this committee? I t just comes to show us, that even when make a mistake (the previous inappropriate advertisements), we should not and cannot rush onto “soloutions” , as these can bring on a whole new slate of problems.

  4. While I do think that banning advertisements altogether is overkill, I do agree that there is something inappropriate about the detail that goes into cosmeticians’ advertisements. I live in a suburb of Yerushalayim, and we suggested to the local ad magazine that comes out here that perhaps these advertisements should be concentrated at the back of the magazine so that men looking for the latest bus schedule or sefarim sale don’t have to wade through the waxing, eyebrow tweezing, facials, etc.

    There are those who will comment that putting all these ads at the back will not stop anyone who is interested in reading them from doing so. That is correct, and that is the point. Men who are interested, for whatever reason, in reading those ads will read them no matter what, but at least those who don’t won’t have to anymore.

  5. It would be a big Mitzvah to publicise the names of the self righteous,perverted people on this committee.These Reshaim are taking bread out of the mouths of children,and stopping people from earning a parnassah! But these same Reshaim have no qualms about coming to the US and collecting by making up a sob story that they have no parnassah!

  6. Does anyone else think the use of the word “korban” is overstating the case when we are talking about advertisemnts for tweezing eyebrows?

    Also, #9, no one can take away the parnossa that Hadosh Baruch Hu decreed for these women on Rosh Hashana.

  7. It becomes ridiculous to assume that that these people can control a community but when you teach the community that they are sheep what do you expect.

  8. I’m pretty sure no normal man will get inappropriate thoughts from waxing and tweezing ads, and anybody who does has a bigger issue to deal with.
    But #7, according to your logic,all ads besides seforim and bus schedules should be pushed to the back, which doesnt leave much of a middle or front…


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