Community Organizations Collaborate to Provide Free Measles Vaccinations to Affected NYC Areas

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Agudath Israel of America, in conjunction with Hatzolah of Borough Park, Flatbush, and Williamsburg, and other community organizations and health care providers, is pursuing a coordinated, community-wide effort in New York City to make measles vaccinations available. In light of the ongoing outbreak, vaccinations will be made available with no fee, appointment, or insurance required. The events will take place simultaneously at Hatzolah garages in Borough Park, Flatbush, and Williamsburg on Sunday, May 12th, 3-9 PM.
A component of this effort is to inform. The CDC and NYC Department of Health are now recommending that infants in outbreak areas receive their first MMR vaccination at 6 months old and receive the second dose at an accelerated schedule prior to 4 years old, to ensure they are protected. Also, those born between 1957 and 1989, when medical practice was to administer only one MMR dose, may not be protected. It is recommended that such individuals either perform a blood test to determine immunity status or simply receive a second dose. Individuals may speak to your doctor for specific guidance.
The immunocompromised, pregnant (or those who might be), highly allergic, and those who recently received blood transfusions or other vaccines, should ask their doctor prior to vaccinating.
The Agudah thanks the Hatzolahs of Borough Park, Flatbush, and Williamsburg; Boro Park Jewish Community Council; Flatbush Jewish Community Council; United Jewish Organizations of Williamsburg (UJO); Maimonides Medical Center, NYU Langone Health, and the New York Community Hospital for partnering to make this endeavor happen. May we all be gezunt.
Locations below:
Hatzolah of Boro Park
New Garage
3701 14th Ave
Hatzoloh of Williamsburg
518 Park Ave
Hatzoloh of Flatbush
1880 Ocean Ave
Relatedly, Achiezer and Hatzalah of Nassau County, JCCRP, YIW, Kamin Health, Mount Sinai, and South Nassau Communities Hospital have partnered to offer measles immunity status testing in Woodmere to anyone appropriate for testing:
859 Peninsula Blvd, Woodmere, NY 11598
Sunday, May 12th 10AM – 2PM


  1. “measles immunity status testing in Woodmere”

    Why just there?

    Why not offer the same in the three Brooklyn areas where free vaccinations are being offered?

  2. The measles disease is a serious issue when Big Harma and the CDC are losing big money. Before that, measles was always known as a “mild childhood disease”. Those who want to support Big Harma and have no problem with the dangerous substances in the vaccines that can be fatal for your children, run for the free injections. it might not be free much longer.

  3. Can someone explain to me why these organizations are failing to publicize that a woman should not get pregnant for three months after getting the vaccine, according to the manufacturer’s insert?

    And why are they not publicizing this info below, also taken directly from the vaccine insert?

    {47} Excretion of small amounts of the live attenuated rubella virus from the nose or throat has occurred in the majority of susceptible individuals 7 to 28 days after vaccination. There is no confirmed evidence to indicate that such virus is transmitted to susceptible persons who are in contact with the vaccinated individuals. Consequently, transmission through close personal contact, while accepted as a theoretical possibility, is not regarded as a significant risk.{33} However, transmission of the rubella vaccine virus to infants via breast milk has been documented (see Nursing Mothers)

    Nursing Mothers It is not known whether measles or mumps vaccine virus is secreted in human milk. Recent studies have shown that lactating postpartum women immunized with live attenuated rubella vaccine may secrete the virus in breast milk and transmit it to breast-fed infants.{53} In the infants with serological evidence of rubella infection, none exhibited severe disease; however, one exhibited mild clinical illness typical of acquired rubella.{54,55} Caution should be exercised when M-M-R II is administered to a nursing woman.
    “{33} Postpubertal females should be informed of the frequent occurrence of generally self-limited arthralgia and/or arthritis beginning 2 to 4 weeks after vaccination (see ADVERSE REACTIONS).

    ADVERSE REACTIONS..(among other adverse reactions reported)
    Musculoskeletal System Arthritis; arthralgia; myalgia.
    Arthralgia and/or arthritis (usually transient and rarely chronic), and polyneuritis are features of infection with wild-type rubella and vary in frequency and severity with age and sex, being greatest in adult females and least in prepubertal children. This type of involvement as well as myalgia and paresthesia, have also been reported following administration of MERUVAX II. Chronic arthritis has been associated with wild-type rubella infection and has been related to persistent virus and/or viral antigen isolated from body tissues. Only rarely have vaccine recipients developed chronic joint symptoms.

      • Perhaps you only give vaccines to children over 12 months of age, but this initiative is including those from six months of age till 62. And I do not see any information on this flyer as delineated in the MMR vaccine manufacturer’s insert.

        Are you saying that all the personnel at these drives are being told to verbally present all this information from the vaccine insert, or are they just going to give the person the vaccine insert and have them sign for consent without really telling them what the insert says (especially to those whose main language is yiddish and may not understand the insert even if they tried to read it)?

  4. I have a different question. On what basis are they giving this vaccine to six month old babies when the manufacturer has stated in its information that they have NOT tested the rubella and mumps parts of this vaccine on this age group? Can a doctor please post some study that shows this is a safe thing to do? Thank you very much.

    • That’s right. It was always a safe disease for children until… vaccinations appeared. Now if Big Pharma, the CDC and doctors are robbed from their livelihood causing them a deficit of almost $600 per injection (think of it, every 3 years per child, could you imagine how much they lose?), the measles becomes dangerous and causes anti-Semitism. I cannot understand why vaxxers don’t get it.

      • interesting that the insurance companies are forking over the money . Usually they do plenty of research before paying out.

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