Computer Worm Shuts Down American Hamodia Operations


hamodiaA computer worm that is known to specifically attack networked computer systems infected virtually all computers used in the production of Hamodia, a daily and weekly chareidi newspaper based out of Brooklyn and led by its editor, Mrs. Ruth Lichtenstein.

It is unknown how the worm struck, but an expert working on the problem late yesterday said that it takes just one innocent click on a pernicious attachment to ultimately infect the entire network.

The attack caused the shutdown of all computers at Hamodia’s main offices on Foster Avenue in the Kensington section of Brooklyn, resulting in a delay of the weekly edition of Hamodia, which is regularly released on Wednesday.

The issues, Hamodia says, should be resolved in a matter of hours.

“Hamodia expresses regret for the inconvenience. All readers from coast to coast should – iy”H – get the full weekly edition before Shabbos,” the newspaper said.

{Noam Newscenter}


  1. sounds like a routine worm that looks for any careless person who clicks the link. Targeted sabatoge by whom?

  2. I am always happy to see the respect between the Yated and Hamodia. They are both great newspaper and I wish them both great hatzlacha. Both of you keep up your great work. Hatzlaacha ubaracha

  3. It was a very sobering experience — both to see people’s dedication to getting the paper out and to demonstrate once again how it’s all in the hands of the Eibershter. (I work there.)

    And people kept their cool, even though several stayed up all night to get the computers back up and running.

    As for how the virus got into the system, people use all sorts of online tools in today’s office. It doesn’t even have to be a “pernicious” site; viruses are everywhere. Chas v’shalom.

  4. Don’t they have anti-virus software on the system as well as individual computers, as well as filters and plain common sense?


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