CONDEMNATION: Rav Shmuel Kamenetsky Pens Letter Against Anti Vaxxers Who Made A Chillul Hashem At The NYS Assembly Last Week



  1. Finally!

    Yasher Koach to the Rabbonim that are finally condemning this abominable behavior of the cult-like belief called Anti-Vaccination.

  2. And this is going to affect these protestors exactly how? Protesting the protestors may be good for the soul, but has little practical effect.

  3. While you are at it, to provide more complete coverage and context, you should post the statement of Agudath Israel explaining why they opposed the bill that elicited such reaction. A foolish bill which was pushed through hastily for PR purposes, without sufficient accompanying deliberation.

  4. החיבור הזה לא חברתיו ללמד לבני האדם את אשר לא ידעו, אלא להזכירם את הידוע להם כבר ומפורסם אצלם פירסום גדול

  5. If you looked clearly at the letter, Rabbi Kamenetsky, shlita, did not refer to them as anti-vaxxers but as observers. Your title of this post is obviously sensational to place fear on people, and clearly shows your bias against people who are for vaccine choice. Rabbi Kamenetsky never changed his mind on vaccines. He was and is against forcing people to vaccinate when there is clear evidence that vaccinations have injured and killed many people in this country and across the globe.

    But there is good news for people who are for vaccine choice. Robert F. Kennedy is planning to file a series of lawsuits against NY state for violating religious liberties of NY residents. There will be a rally at the capitol in Albany soon. Anyone who is interested got to

    May Hashem bring the Geulah soon!

    • They didn’t go far enough. People who don’t allow their children to be vaccinated should be charged with assault.

      • Vice versa. Those who damage their children by injecting them with useless fatal chemicals, should be charged with assault and will be charged min Hashamayim for this grave sin.

      • How tolerant of you. What love to express for a fellow Jew. Your comment is inexcusable and totally not Jewish. Revenge is not a Jewish trait.

        It is your choice to vaccinate your children. But it is my choice not to. Forcing Jews or non Jews to vaccinate is unconstitutional. And this ban is for sure unconstitutional as well as anti-semitic.

        • No one is forcing you.
          The bill is about preventing you from hurting others.
          Feel free not to vaccinate. Just stay away from me, my kids , my shul and my yeshivos

          • In April, three NY officials issued summonses to parents of three children who refused to vaccinate, including a threat of penalties of $1,000.00. If this isn’t force, than I don’t know what is.

  6. That senseless and ugly spectacle was a massive chillul Hashem, only damaged our image even more, and is counter-productive to any Jewish interests. We should all protest such behavior. I hope a public condemnation signed by the rabbonim is published in the non-Jewish papers that found it so important to report this incident.
    A letter of apology should be sent to Albany. We do not represent those people, anti-vaxxers or not.

  7. We must continue to be strong and not let Big Pharma injure our children with dangerous chemicals that have proven to be fatal with autism and whatnot. The truth about its danger and ineffectiveness can be found all over the net – if you care enough for your child’s welfare. Apparently, the ones that care are the anti-vaxxers who do not depend on Big Pharma’s salesmen, the CDC and Fake propaganda media.

  8. Ingalus, that’s why we are still in galus, you should have protested together with them, this law has nothing to do with vaxcer or not you should have stood there and protested they should not eliminate any religion beliefs you have no idea what this door opened.
    when will all of you wake up New York is a liberal State they are against religion anything that touches religion should have been protest by all of us with the strongest condemnation.

  9. It is not about the protest. It is about the horrible manner in which they protested. Yes. We are in galus. We still have to appreciate the the US is relatively a Malchus Shel Chessed, and act with respect.

  10. I don’t understand the argument with big pharma.They would make more money letting everyone get sick. All these arguments don’t make sense it’s nebach a mental disorder this anti vax movement.

  11. We are in galus and we are being treated relatively nicely compared to what our ancestors endured. If we are told to vaccinate we cooperate, because the risk of chillul Hashem overrides that one in a million risk or whatever that number is, (it’s a very slight chance” of complications. It’s seeing the forest, the big picture and using common sense. On another note, I work in a school servicing many children with special needs. I don’t see any corrolation here with autism. Our 3 most severely autistic children have parents that are anti vaxers prior to their birth… They never had vaccines….

  12. For the record: I am not an “Anti Vaxxer” but i keep an open mind and am listening and learning from both sides here, because i believe that is what hashem would want. You must all check out what is going on now with the HPV vaccine. There is absolutely no reason whatsover to mandate this vaccine and it has proven to cause side effects such as siezures ( i know of at least 2 young ladies who are going thru this now due to this vaccine) yet Ny is having a vote right after the summer session, about forcing this HPV to be given to children as young as 9. only lasts 6 years so needs to be repeated at least 3 times. yet quite honestly i am not interested in adding a vaccine against STD to my kids repertoire. This is definitely over the top and those who agree must voice their opinions with their assmeblymen. If you have no problem with this then that is okay for you. Just we need to stay informed and know what is ahead for our children’s sake. We dont practice the same lifestyle as a typical public school child and must ask before we inject a new vaccine that we never heard of before.

  13. If all of you out there are so concerned about the terrible chilul hashem that happened in Albany, then where were you when a chassidish guy gave a disgusting interview to CNN, bashing his own people???? Yes! I agree, the manner in which these people protested in Albany was not nice… but we can understand these are people who have been persecuted for a long time now! and now there basic rights are being taken from them! they are deeply pained!! and acting out of anguish! but those bashing them are absolutely not concerned about chilul hashem, because if they would be they would 1. speak out when much greater chilul hashem was done by pro vaxxers many times in the last few month. and 2. If you think it’s a chilul hashem why are you spreading it all over social media???? just be quiet! This is just another opportunity to demonize parents who just want to protect their children from big greedy pharma!!


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