CONDEMNED: Lakewood Township Passes Resolution Denouncing “Rise Up Ocean County”

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The Lakewood Township Committee has passed a resolution condemning the group “Rise Up Ocean County” as a hate group.

The group has been using Facebook and other social media outlets to vilify the growing Orthodox Jewish community in Lakewood, posting videos and images depicting the Jewish community in a bad light and making accusations of corruption against the Jewish activists in town.

The resolution was passed unanimously with Mayor Ray Coles emphasizing that hate has no place in Ocean County.



  1. Just go to their website and you can see who they are and their agenda. From the 10 or so posts on the site 5 are about the Orthodox community and it’s not singing our praises. But if you want to know who is behind this organization go to the bottom of the page and you’ll find a link to Footsteps The organization that helps frum kids go further off.

  2. We the residents of Lakewood NJ are thankful that the township voiced it’s opposition to anti-Semitic individuals.

    We the Charedi tzibur are reminded that if we don’t make kiddush the non Jews will make havdalah r’l

  3. How convient .. that’s some power right there boy . Is Tom’s River going to be the next holy war ground zero church road . Drones circling around our homes ??? MS 13 is the local mosad agents ?


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