Coney Island To Host Over A Dozen New Rides

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coney-islandConey Island didn’t look like much Tuesday, in the dead of winter with nothing much going on, but fast forward to the end of May and you won’t recognize the place. A new amusement park with 19 rides will be drawing hundreds of thousands of people.

“I can tell you we will have rides that will flip you, turn you, launch you, drop you, splash you, make the mayor want to lose his lunch,” said David Galst of Central Amusement International.

That last comment referenced Mayor Bloomberg’s disclosure of his own personal favorite “ride” at Coney Island. “The ride that I have a desire to get on at Coney Island is the Nathan’s Hot Dog line,” he laughed. “I have always loved Nathan’s hot dogs and their fries.”

All kidding aside, the mayor spoke of Coney Island’s appeal to people who live in the City. “Is this going to be a place that competes with other resorts? In some senses, no. This is a truly unique experience. You can get on the subway and come here. You can take a taxi here. This is close by.”

Drawings of some of the rides at the new $30 million “Luna Park” were made public Tuesday, but officials stressed that the new rides will be in addition to the ones already there, like the Cyclone and Wonder Wheel. Other amusement operators were thrilled at the new additions.

“We are ecstatic, honestly. We’ve been a part of Coney Island since the dark ages,” said Dino Vourderis of Dino’s Wonder Wheel.

In the summer of 2011 a second new amusement park will open. It’s called “The Scream Zone,” and will include a human sling shot, go karts and new roller coasters.

The new amusement park will be open from Memorial Day to Labor Day from noon to midnight.

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  1. Before all the outraged contributors jump in with their complaints and criticisms, let me say that NYC is a very cosmopolitan city.

    New rides at Coney Island may or may not appeal to the chareidi community of New York and its environs, but they will be a boon to others.

    Toleration is the word of the day, morai verabbosai!

  2. Chol HaMoed Pesach is before Memorial Day and Chol HaMoed Succos is after Labor Day. These planners need to do some more market research before developing the schedule of operations.

  3. not at all-maybe they will open those times eclusively for the lucky mosad who rents it out then. I remember Astroland being my destination for many many chold hamoeds throughout my childhood. Went there with an older cousin, gave my mother the day off.


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