Confirmed: Obama Skipped Intel Briefing After Americans Killed in Benghazi

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The House Benghazi Committee’s report confirms that President Obama did not attend his daily intelligence briefing even after the terrorist attack claimed the life of Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans.

According to the upcoming report from the House Benghazi Committee, President Barack Obama skipped his personal daily intelligence briefing the day after the 2012 Benghazi attacks.

The revelation is buried in one of the appendices to the 800-page report released by the Republican-controlled committee Tuesday. According to the Executive Coordinator tasked with delivering the daily briefings, she first delivered the briefing to White House chief of staff Jack Lew. But instead of giving Obama a briefing, she gave the folder to a White House usher.

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  1. What a disgrace, the person occupying the White House, is. This just goes to show, he doesn’t give a damn about the American people. He is a “taker”. He and that wife of his are only interested in their own comfort and pleasures. They can’t be inconvenienced by some crises here and there. He looks at the Presidency as just any other job. Just waiting to get that paycheck at the end of the week and plan their next vacation. If some unfortunate “problem” arises, just let someone else deal with it. He takes no responsibility for anything. He has no right to be President of the United States.

  2. The President’s daily brief is an easy read and is self explanatory. If the President is busy, he can read the hard copy at his leisure. This happens quite often in ALL administrations, so get a grip.

    This is no big deal, unless you have an ax to grind.


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