Congestion Pricing Surcharge in NYC Goes into Effect

TAXI in Ljubljana, Slovenia
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A congestion pricing surcharge for all for-hire vehicles traveling through some parts of Manhattan has begun.

The surcharge kicked in Saturday, meaning Ubers, Lyfts and other car services driving south of 96th Street in Manhattan will see a $2.75 surcharge. That’s on top of the base fares for each company. Yellow cabs will cost an extra $2.50, on top of the long-standing base fare of $5.50 just to get inside the vehicle.

Governor Andrew Cuomo says the surcharges are needed to fix the aging subway system and to reduce congestion in Manhattan.

“Nowadays, the business is very slow,” said M.D. Alam, a New York City taxi driver. “When this kind of thing happens, in the morning time people go to school, they walk blocks and blocks and don’t take a cab. So it really affects our business.”

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  1. Charge more for cab rides, in order to fix the subway system? Why not raise the subway fares, instead? Supposedly, this will help reduce congestion. Yes, now the cab hailers will be forced to ride the aging subway, which is in dire need of repair. This, obviously, makes perfect sense.

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