Congress Letter #16 for Rubashkin


richard-nealCongressman Richie Neal (D-MA) is the 16th member of Congress to write a letter to Attorney General Holder asking for an investigation into the Rubashkin case.

Congressman Neal a senior member of Congress and the Democratic At-Large Whip.

See below for the text of the Congressman’s letter:

November 4, 2010

Dear Attorney General Holder:

I write to you today to voice my concern over the sentencing of Mr. Sholom Rubashkin in November 2009. As are now aware, several former Attorney’s General and U.S. Attorney’s have voiced their displeasure with the procedures leading to the sentencing of Mr. Rubashkin. After a full read of the facts, the outcome of this matter is quite troublesome.

The integrity of our judges, prosecutors and investigators are the cornerstone of the American legal system. Transparency of such cases, more specifically the Rubashkin case, is integral to the American public’s belief in the judicial process. Should cases such as this be left to stand, without inquiry, would be devastating to both our legal system and the trust the public places in the officials it puts in place to impartially administrate the law.

I ask that you give full and fair consideration to the misconduct that occurred between the prosecutors and the presiding judge in this case. It calls into question the conduct of many actors, without whose direct influence, would have resulted in a vastly different outcome for Mr. Rubashkin. Please keep me informed of any developments in this matter. I look forward to your reply.

Richard E. Neal
Member of Congress 

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  1. To all those wanting to know Eric Holder’s response, he’s not being very forthcoming and I think the reason is that it’s a great embarassment to the Legal system and he’s covering up.

  2. Meir – I was “takke” wondering why so much concentration on getting letters from congressmen. Aren’t senators more powerful?
    “Bchlal” it’s not really the position that gives you leverage it has to do with the name. They need people like Harry Reid , What’s his name Boehner – the ones that are constantly in the news. Holder is probably not familiar with all 400 and whatever congressman.
    Can someone clarify?
    P.s. May Sholom Mordechai ben Rivkah have a yeshua bkarov

  3. ok, he’s taking a stand. This is what the test is of these times.Who will take a stand for honesty and righteousness. Mr. Neal added himself to the list of those who value honesty and he should always be known for that.
    Blessh im


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