Congress Passes “Askanus” Bill

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congressToday, the House of Representatives passed a measure sponsored by Rep. Carolyn McCarthy (NY-04) calling for a renewed national service and volunteerism program. The Generations Invigorating Volunteerism and Education (GIVE) Act, H.R. 1388 comes in response to President Obama’s call to Congress to pass a national service and volunteerism bill that will provide Americans with opportunities to serve their communities.”Last month, President Obama called on Congress to pass legislation that would inspire a new generation of service and volunteerism in our nation. In calling for a national service bill, President Obama has renewed the spirit of a practice in our country that is as old as the Union itself: the call to public service. The GIVE Act answers that call,” said Rep. McCarthy.

This bill creates volunteer and service opportunities for Americans of all ages and backgrounds. There are specific provisions that would expand service opportunities not only to school age children, but also to veterans, retirees and senior citizens giving thousands of older Americans the opportunity to share their knowledge and skills for the benefit of their communities.

Additionally the bill establishes important mentoring partnerships designed to help disadvantaged youth.

“I am proud that this bill contains an important focus on disadvantaged youth. By providing the right types of outlets, young people coming from difficult circumstances will have a change to lift themselves up through service,” said Rep. McCarthy.

GIVE Act will build a national infrastructure for service and volunteerism and makes an historic investment in way our service programs are administered. The bill focuses on building our national service participation while providing much needed streamlining to reduce administrative burdens

Finally, the bill includes a requirement that the Corporation conduct a nationwide “Call to Service” campaign to encourage all of our nation’s citizens to engage in service. As part of this campaign, Americans will be urged to observe September 11th as a National Day of Service and Remembrance.

“Public service and volunteerism provide the means through which Americans can give back to their communities while gaining the tools they need to achieve their own goals. The GIVE Act will create a framework to develop national service programs that will improve their communities and enrich the lives of all of those who answer the call to serve. The GIVE Act is a once-in-a-generation bill that will change the fabric of our nation for decades to come,” said Rep. McCarthy.

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