Congressional Hearing for Yanky Ostreicher Set for Wednesday

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yanky-ostreicherA hearing by the House sub-committee on Foreign Affairs will be held in Room 2172 of the Rayburn House Office Building this coming Wednesday, June 6, at 10 a.m., to discuss the plight of Yanky Ostreicher, who, as reported extensively by, is currently being detained in the Palmasolas prison in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. The official subject of the hearing is “The U.S. State Department’s Inadequate Response to Human Rights Concerns in Bolivia: The Case of American Jacob Ostreicher.”

Witnesses to testify at the hearing include Mrs. Miriam Unger, wife of Yanky Ostreicher; Mrs. Chaya Gitty Weinberger, daughter of Yanky Ostreicher; and Mr. Steve Moore, former Special Agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigations.

Further witnesses may be added.

As reported here on yesterday, Senators Charles Schumer and Kirsten E. Gillibrand and Representatives Jerry Nadler and Nydia Velazquez urged the Bolivian government to provide Yanky an opportunity to post bail and to guarantee him a fair, transparent and prompt trial in light of his deteriorating health and in accordance with basic standards of due process.

Yanky was arrested on Friday, June 3, 2011, and since that time has not been granted bail or a trial.

Schumer, Gillibrand, Nadler and Velazquez, in a letter to the Bolivian ambassador to the United States, called for Yanky to be allowed to post bail and for a fair, transparent, and prompt trail.

“Jacob Ostreicher deserves a quick and fair trial, especially in light of his deteriorating health,” said Schumer. “In accordable with basic standards of due process and human rights, I strongly urge the Bolivian government to stop holding Jacob without bail and without a trial and move quickly to ensure that his case is handled quickly. We have met with his family and are in constant contact with the State Department to advocate for him and monitor his condition. But there is no reason he should not be offered bail while he awaits his trial.”

“I recently met with Miriam Ungar and I am deeply concerned about her husband’s health and the mistreatment of Mr. Ostreicher being held without basic due process. It is time for the Bolivian government to allow him to post bail and present his defense to refute these charges in a fair court hearing without any further delay,” said Gillibrand.

“It is very troubling that Jacob Ostreicher has been held in prison for almost a year, and still has not had the opportunity to defend himself in a court of law,” said Nadler. “I appeal to the Bolivian government to act now and give him a fair hearing and a reasonable opportunity to post bail. Due process and basic human rights demand nothing less.”

“Jacob Ostreicher deserves the opportunity to prove his innocence. The Bolivian government should immediately grant him bail and a fair, swift trial,” said Velazquez.

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  1. Why has it taken nearly a year for this to happen? Something doesnt seem right!
    Whata hia name for Tehillim & the tecilla of Acheinu kol beis Yisroel?

  2. Baruch Hashem the petition has reached the 25,000 minimum. However that’s only the minimum required, the more signatures obtained the better the chance of getting the Obama administration to intervene.

    If you did not sign yet the petition, please do so now. Only 3 more days to go. To sign the petition go to

    Also, everyone, please have in mind Yaakov Yehuda ben Shaindel at davening and, if possible, please say Tehilim daily, that he should come home fast and safely.

    Thank you for the continuous coverage and for posting the petition.

  3. It is very disturbing that Matzav is not giving proper credit here to Congressman Chris Smith (who represents Lakewood) for calling this hearing.


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