Congressman Nadler, Your Support of the Iran Deal is Indicative of Convoluted Logic

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yehoshua hechtBy Rabbi Yehoshua S. Hecht


Congressman Nadler, thank you for explaining the reasons for your support of the current Iran deal. Reading and re-reading your rationale for support of this deal has not changed my thinking on this. It only explains why you feel it should be supported.

Perhaps you had occasion to hear your colleague Senator Menendez of NJ at Seton Hall. He gave a very compelling, dispassionate and cogent presentation as to why he is not supporting this deal in its present form and he also presented alternatives for obtaining a better deal for America and the free world.

In light of the above I will respectfully ask that you reconsider your vote of support and request of the Administration a real deal. A deal that is not one sided benefiting Iran only and one that will assure increased terrorism upon the people of the Middle East when Iran gets a hold of the many billions of dollars being freed up by the release of the sanctions.

As long as Iran calls for the obliteration of America and the destruction of Israel – no deal is possible or achievable.

Furthermore, as a Rabbi and loyal American (4th generation) I am very disappointed of your handing over the future of America’s safety and that of Israel’s immediate security into the hands of the current Administration that lacks credibility and success on most –if not all– matters affecting the Middle East.

While the African American and Latino members of Congress are proud to speak up for their constituent’s interests and concerns — you too as a Congressman representing a very large segment of Jewish voters should also be sensitive and respectful of your constituents concerns.

To declare that conscience is guiding your decision on this Iran deal despite all of its gaping flaws and dangers is disheartening and indicative of a convoluted logic.

Making peace with an enemy does not mean that you enable them to harm you or your friends.

In summation, in this so-called deal Iran gets everything and America gets a promise from a regime known to lie and cheat at every opportunity.

From a relationship perspective and from a business perspective it doesn’t add up to much of a deal at all. Congressman Nadler, America can and must do better.


Rabbi Yehoshua S. Hecht

Norwalk, CT

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  1. Agreed. It is so disgraceful for Jerrold Nadler to come out in support of this deal, when he hasn’t addressed the issue of billions of dollars getting into the hands of our clear enemies. As mentioned above people who continuously chant for our and Israel’s destruction.
    People need to call him up and ask him to reconsider his decision and express your disappointment.
    Jerrold Nadler’s campaign # 212 352 0370. Anyone with a ny number should call, and from your cell phones.
    Office # in Washington is 202 225 5635,

  2. There are more liberal jews who support the deal in his district then orthodox jews who oppose the deal.It is a simple issue of demographics.There is more Manhattan than Brooklyn in the district

  3. “As long as Iran calls for the obliteration of America and the destruction of Israel – no deal is possible or achievable.”

    Without the deal, Iran could have nuclear weapons within a few months. If you really believe that Iran wants to obliterate Israel ASAP then you MUST support this deal because it will set back Iran’s nuclear program by years and nothing else will accomplish that.

  4. It’s not convoluted logic that Nadler uses, it’s no logic. Here we have provisions incapable of being enforced and we have parties more than willing to ignore infractions. No signatory acted in good faith. Under these circumstances, trying to parse any wording in this monstrosity is a waste of time.


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