Congressman Says “Justice Served” in Rubashkin Verdict, But Completely Confuses the Case

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congressman-bruce-braleyCongressman Bruce Braley of Iowa has spoken out on the recent verdict in the financial fraud case created by the Federal government against Reb Shalom Mordechai Rubashkin. 

In a statement released Friday, Braley says the conviction Thursday of of Reb Shalom Mordechai on 86 of 91 fraud counts allows the town of Postville “to finally see some closure.” He also calls it an important step forward in the effort to fix the nation’s immigration system.

Braley says the federal government cannot allow employers to take advantage of cheap labor. The Democrat adds that “justice has been served,” and his “heart goes out to the community of Postville.”

The problem?

Well, Postville has suffered miserably since the unprecedented raid on Agri, and would give anything for the halcyon days of the vibrant Agriprocessors operation to return. The Rubashkins built the town and maintained the town. The only closure being sought is for a return the prior life in Postville.  

And as for the verdict being “a step forward in the effort to fix the nation’s Immigration system,” sorry Congressman, this courtcase had nothing to do with immigration. As Judge Linda Reade ruled, the case would deal only with the fraud that the government alleged – and never actually proved – was committed. The immigration case will start in several weeks.

The May 2008 raid at the plant in Postville led to the arrest of 389 illegal immigrants – something never done before in U.S. history.  The plant’s closing devastated Postville’s economy.

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  1. read between the lines,
    the guy hates Jews, period. what closure. And he hated Rubashkin and his business for being so successful. Also I doubt his political orientation has to do anything with his hate. Its a state with
    total of 4% blacks, asians, hispanics population altogether, or a total of 120,000 out of the 3mln people living in the state. a pure white supremasists state.

  2. Sure it came to closure. The whole Postville came to closure also, Mr. Bruce Braley. All homes are worthless, people have moved and and those who didn’t will. Some closure! Postville will suffer, because the government is making a good person suffer. Zollen Deagen and Reade shtarben a misa meshuna bimhayra beyameinu,omein.


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