Congressman Weiner “Troubled” By Rubashkin “Injustice”


wienerThe National Leadership Mission to Washington, DC of Agudath Israel of America last week raised the issue of injustice done to Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin.

Relations with Israel, anti-Semitism, the needs of nonpublic Jewish schools were some of the main topics on the agenda in their July 29 meetings in the State Department and with White House officials.

But at a luncheon on Capitol Hill attended by a bi-partisan representation of Senators and Congressmen, the ongoing trial of the former manager of the country’s largest meat plant came to light.

Democratic Congressman Anthony Weiner of New York’s 9th congressional district has joined the many in the Jewish community who suspect Rubashkin is a victim, rather than an ordinary felon.

“I am extremely troubled and concerned with the injustice going on,” Weiner said about Rubashkin, according to one participant.

“This is something we need to pay close attention to,” Weiner added and headed back to the House floor delivering the memorable rant against Republicans.

Chaskel Bennett, member of the Board of Trustees of Agudath Israel, told “The Rubashkin issue comes up very often in our conversations with public officials.”

“It comes up privately and publicly and I can say that most elected officials that we deal with are very aware of this issue and its deep concern to our community,” said Bennett, who is also a member of the board of C.O.J.O. of Flatbush.

“We fight for Sholom Morfechai today, because tomorrow this could happen to others in our community” he added.

These statements were made even before Rubashkin’s attorneys presented incriminating evidence that Judge Linda Reade of the US District Court for Northern Iowa coordinated with prosecutors and acted as judge in the contentious conviction of Agriprocessors officials.

Attorneys for Rubashkin filed a motion on Thursday that the case be transferred to another judge.

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  1. I agree with Rep. Weiner on less than 5 percent of the issues, but him taking this stand has made me respect him quite a bit despite our differences. It took courage of him to support justice for Rubashkin even though it may not be a politically popular in Washington. Kudos.

    He messed up on the 9/11 insurance bill.
    now he needs to drum up more votes!


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