Conservative Jews Do Away with Kitniyos Prohibition

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The churban being wrought by Conservative Jewry has continued this Pesach with the movement deciding to do away with the age-old custom not to eat kitniyos on Pesach. 

The New York Times reports that this year, the Conservative movement lifted the 800-year-old ban on legumes and rice after three “rabbis” argued to allow them. And many kosher markets are now selling products they’ve never carried before. At the Kosher Marketplace on the Upper West Side, caramel popcorn now lines the shelves alongside matzoh. The shop’s other new items include chickpeas, hummus and Bamba peanut-butter-snacks.

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  1. A chiddush? They’ve already done away with authentic Yiddishkeit. They only keep what’s not too hard for them, do what’s appealing to them, but if it makes life difificult, they do away with it..

  2. What’s the chidush? They deny the foundational belief of entire Torah given by H. Kol shekein they feel free to get rid of the kitnios prohibition which is a minhag. There is nothing that the conservative cult can do that will surprise, though the shock will always be there…

  3. So if the conservative “rabbis” decide that pig is kosher, is the Kosher Marketplace on the upper west side going to start going to start selling pork chops? It’s bad enough that these charlatans call their “religion” Judaism. There is nothing I can do about that. But for a “kosher” store to go along with their charade is unacceptable to me and THAT I can do something about! I for one will not patronize ANY Kosher grocer that sells kitniyos during Pesach so that they can accommodate these conservative frauds. And not just for Pesach: I will boycott them year round! I urge others to do the same. Make these grocers decide — are they kosher or “kosherish?” And if they opt for “kosherish” then let us take our business elsewhere!

    We need to take a stand, my brothers and sisters! These conservative mountebanks do not give a wit about Torah, Mesorah, Halachah or Minhagim. They have degraded their so-called “Judaism” beyond repair or recognition. Do not allow them to invade OUR space and infect OUR Judaism — true Torah Judaism — with their disease!!!

  4. Conservative & Reform are not streams or branches of Judaism. They are fraudulent practices which evolved with the times. Their leaders are complete frauds who know more about xtianity than they know about Judaism but they sell their lies to all their vulnerable followers who know even less about Judaism.

    Yidden! Wake up! We must start to educate the Yid who is unlearned in the way of Yiddishkeit or we will lose thousands more to today’s spiritual holocaust.

  5. Most don’t keep kosher in the first place. If all they would go would be eating kitniyos on Pesach it would be a halbe tzora unfortunately

  6. To Commish, dkbmd, anonymous 1 & 2:

    The issue here is not that they are not “branches of Judaism” who have”done away with authentic Yiddishkeit,” or that “they deny the foundational belief of entire Torah” and “have always eaten kitniyos.” The chiddush here is that “kosher” markets are going along with their narishkeit. This we CAN NOT allow!!! We need to put pressure on these stores by taking away our business. These stores are either run by frum Jews who are turning their backs on nearly a millenia of halachah or they are not frum in the first place! Our business should go ONLY to those stores that uphold halachah, not those that sell out for what little extra gelt they can earn from heretics!

  7. It’s a CUSTOM. Not halacha l’Moshe m’Sinai. There are more egregious issues with Conservative Judaism, such as driving on shabbat, allowing kohanim to renounce their status in order to marry otherwise forbidden women, etc.

    There are kitniyot items under reliable hashgacha sold in lots of kosher stores. The OU Kitniyot line and Star S label have facilitated this for Sephardim greatly. Kosher Marketplace is under the hashgacha of Rav Marmorstein and is considered reliable.

    • Correct. There is NO kitniyot prohibition. It is an 800 year old Ashkenazic minhag. By mischaracterizing it we are falsifying Torah while at the same time failing to explain why communal minhagim are so important to preserve.

  8. emes: it IS halacha! It was ruled on by rishonim! Even if you still argue that it’s a custom, I would remind you that and 800 year old “custom” is as binding as halacha! And if these stores wish facilitate this for Sephardim, that’s one thing: put the kitniyos elsewhere in the store. But they are doing this for the conservatives and putting them right on the shelf next to one another!

    • Actually minhagim have a totally different level in halacha. Everything in halacha has a level of severity of breaking. And leinicies for when needing to be broken. Don’t turn halacha into your personal preferences.

  9. I hate to break to all you. In the Holy land of Eretz Yisroel, Every store sells Kitniyos! and yes it is on the same shelves as the regular kosher for Pesach items. There is no reason why sefardim need to travel half way across the world to get something that is Kosher L’mehadrin for them. As for Ashkenazim, pay attention to what you buy!

    So, as far as the conservative are concerned, yes they are Mumrim Lehachis and kofrim. But lay off our fellow Jewish store owners.

  10. Why so much anger over the sale of kosher kitniyot? Sefardim exist and they too spend money in kosher stores. Conservatives come and purchase? So do chilonim and nonjews, what is the problem? However I doubt that conservatives buy expensive certified kitniyot, they’ll buy beans at their local supermarket instead.

  11. I would not be a boar and bad a kosher market.

    Kingdom loved is not stigmatized hate.

    Mind the guy above as really absurd. This will not make ashkenazi orthodox jews eat kitniot and the sephardic have their rights.

    Seriously, buy a good lamb shoulder and keep your mood unlimited for a greater mitzvot. Israel is not ultimatum and hate.

    Moxie is not yireh for the number of your broken minded days of lost sleep.

    Human hope is conversation and real Torah skills. My thoughts are that our kosher stores DEFINITELY need our business.

    Glitter party not needed.

  12. I believe that preserving ones ninjas is important. But Sephardim have minhagim too, and kosher markets in large urban areas would do well to supply their kosher shopping needs. I would also point out that the minhag is observed differently by perfectly religious Jews. For instance, the psak of certain achronim to allow peanuts or peanut oil while others forbid it doesn’t make them non religious.

  13. Quite frankly it’s non of anyones business what another group does. Does it affect your seder??? I never understand people getting worked up over the “other” the easy target for everyone to unite in disgust over. It seems pointless to me.

  14. No question, stores should be able to sell certified Kosher L’Pesach kitniyos, PROVIDED they clearly indicate that it is permissible only to those Sephardim who do eat kitniyos. Not all do, and some eat only certain types. It’s not so simple! They are also required to check the legumes, to ensure that they are only the legume stated. Some Poskim state it must be checked three times and some say seven times (the first time I assume would be the hechsher itself). As one Ashkenazi friend, who married a Sephardi, told me, she’d gladly give up the variety it provides her, since the checking is so stressful. I stress that it’s important to separate kitniyos from the rest, since it’s easy to get confused, and the majority of American Jews are Ashkenazi (I suppose in Deal it’s not necessary to separate!). Mo’adim L’Simchah!


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