Conservative Movement CEO Doesn’t Like Coffee at the Kosel

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Yizhar Hess, CEO of the Conservative Movement in Israel, showed his lack of understanding of the meaning of the Kosel in a critique of Rav Dovid Wasserstern, who has distributed coffee and cold drinks to visitors to the Kosel for the past twenty-eight years without remuneration.

“No, this does not honor the place,” Hess posted on his social site. “Do you see this makeshift kiosk? This is at the Kosel. Right opposite the Kosel this morning. Coffee and cakes distributed for free. This is not what a national site should look like. This is a shtiebel. A country that has abandoned one of its important national symbols. Oh, and the gender separation. That’s what happens when the mechitzah becomes a metaphor for life.”

“The Reform wants to uproot everything,” Reb Dovid said of Hess’s post. “The chesed Avrohom Avinu implanted in us bothers them a lot and angers them, and that shows exactly who they are.”

The kiosk is open daily from 4:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. and distributes 300,000 drinks a year.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. The concept of a kiosk at the Kotel is beautiful and the Chesed it reflects brings the Jewish people much closer to the ultimate rebuilding of the Bais Hamikdash bimeheira vyameinu! While the Kotel, from whence the Shechina never departed is a sacred place of Prayer and most certainly a national (and international) monument, it is but a relic of the glory of what we lost in the Churban.

  2. weissenstern, he is a wonderful man. He and his wife wake up early in the wee ours to provide some refreshment to the people who come early to learn and daven at the Kosel. May he and his wife have much nachas, a healthy long life and continue doing chesed.
    To Rabbi Hess: not sure what your agenda is, besides being a rabble rouser !!! is it motivated out of love and compassion for your fellow jew ? do you think we lost our way ? forgot about G-D and our fellow Jew ?
    Perhaps we should eliminate the bathrooms as well ? or we should also have trans gender bathrooms ?
    no one is interested in your opinion ! have you ever even thought of helping another Jew ? giving them a warm/cold drink on a cold/hot day ?

  3. Reform and Conservative are the same garbage phony religious practices made up and changed by committees of their “religious” leaders at their annual conventions. Reform and Conservative are not Judaism. Their leaders are a bunch of phony liars and their followers are naive sheeple.

  4. Every Yid is welcome to have a coffee or/and a cold drink when he comes to the kosel, srid Bais Alokainu! Whether he’s Orthodox, conservative, or reform! and for sure every Yid that comes to the Kosel is focused on growing and improving on his Yiddishkiet!

  5. What do you expect from the reform and conservative secular heretics. They will be history soon. So who cares what they bark about


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