Conservative Movement Nullifies Discriminatory Laws Against Non-Jews

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The Conservative movement in Israel (Masorti) on Monday nullified all “Jewish civil laws that discriminate against non-Jews.”

The so-called “movement” rejected the “extreme positions” that a few rabbis in Israel have been teaching which permit discrimination against and killing of non-Jews.

The responsum written by the Conservative Rabbinical Assembly was approved unanimously after 18 months of deliberation by the Committee on Jewish Law and Standards.

Rabbi Reuven Hammer, founder of the Conservative movement in Israel, who wrote the responsum, cited biblical texts and rabbinic literature that call for treating non-Jews with justice and also overturn discriminatory laws against them.

“We must deal honestly with the sources, admit that different attitudes have existed over the course of the development of Judaism, and candidly criticize and reject certain parts of the tradition while embracing others as representing the Judaism we wish to promulgate and which we believe represents the true core of Jewish belief beginning with the Torah itself,” said Hammer.




  1. Is there a reason why this was published here? is it to criticize their stance? this is a bit bazar. please explain

  2. and of course that’s why reform and conservative etc rejected most of the torah or all . and if you don’t believe torah min hashomayim so it just a social club and do whatever is voted on. so who needs responsas, on what basis?

  3. What a bunch of morons: in their zeal to kiss up to goyim, they only cause more animosity by presenting regular Judaism as a kind of Taliban. A question to Mr Hammer: when were non-Jews killed by the regular religious Jews in a non self defence scenario? Compare that to how many millions of Jews were killed by all kinds of goyim consistently throughout the history. Stop feeble minded apologies.


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