Conservative Synagogues Pass Resolution Allowing Non-Jews As Members

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The umbrella body for Conservative synagogues approved on March 1 a resolution to allow individual congregations to decide whether to grant membership to non-Jews, JTA reports.

The resolution was passed by a vote of 94 to 8 during a special meeting of the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism General Assembly held over the internet with electronic voting.

The proposed resolution grew out of a commission set up last March to explore ways to engage intermarried couples.



  1. Did they pass a resolution stating that the tora was not from Sinai line who cares what these misguided people say or think

  2. Conservative, as well as Reform, Reconstruction, Deconstruction, Feminist, Satanism, etc. are all names of cults which have nothing to do with Judaism even though many, or some, of their followers happen to be Jews.

    It is the responsibility of every Torah-observant Yid to set the record straight and mekarev these confused Yidden.

  3. As fringe groups age and lose their luster and try to justify their existence, they move further and further away from Yiddishkeit until they wind up in the dustbin of history.

    Reform today has practically no Jewish flavor, Conservative today is what Reform was, and Open Orthodox today is what Conservative was.

    The only resilient Yiddishkeit is Torah-true Yiddishkeit.

    Ntzach Yisroel lo yishaker.

  4. מה נשתנה הכליה הזאת מכל הכליות?
    Keep bringing חזירים into your home, and then wonder why you smell and act as one.
    Soon enough, your own children will be “them”, with the “rabbi” included.

    Considering that the Conservatives call their denomination a “movement”, they have actually touched the truth, at least in that regard.

  5. next resolution that will allow xmas trees in synagogue not to hurt feelings of the partners (not spouse,you know the toiave thing was also allowed ), and of course a statue so the partners can bow, and why not a cross after all its only a piece of tin. S’U hilchos acum is irrelevant ‘in this day and age’ not to mentinon the rest of S’U

    Any christians , catholics etc etc reading this, its not to mock your faith, its just to show what a farce these heretical ‘Jewish movements’ are

  6. A Yid went to his Rav and handed him a check for the shul in the amount of ONE MILLION DOLLARS but told the Rav that he is donating this amount to the shul only on the condition that he can put a statue of Hitler at the entrance of the shul. The astonished and bewildered Rav asked him why in the world he would want to place a statue of that mamzer Hitler in the shul. The Yid rolled up his sleeve, exposing his tattooed arm and said because Hitler gave him the winning numbers!

    I repeat this sick “joke” because it’s not funny, it’s sad that today’s youth would not understand it. Many do not know what “numbers” are being referred to. Some think that “Hitler” is a word to describe a Republican or right-wing politician, and many don’t know what a shul is!


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