Conservatives Hit Fox News’ Chris Wallace: He Helped Biden

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The first presidential debate was filled with interruptions and clashes between moderator Chris Wallace and President Donald Trump that many political pundits say benefited former Vice President Joe Biden.

Political strategists say the Fox News host’s inability to take control of the debate cross-talk, lack of pressing Biden to respond to questions, and constant interjections when the president was speaking all helped Biden.

“There were many moments during the debate where Chris Wallace appeared to be debating the president,” political strategist Jason Meister said, noting it was clearly a “2-on-1” matchup.

David Johnson, CEO of Strategic Vision PR Group, who has worked on election campaigns, said it looked like Wallace was “trying to be a cheerleader or referee on Joe Biden’s behalf.”

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  1. Wallace has been a never-Trumper since day 1.
    If you payed attention during the debate, you would of noticed that Biden never looked at Trump once during the entire debate. Biden stared straight ahead at Wallace the entire time. That tells you something about Mr. Biden’s self esteem.

  2. wallace interupted trump every time he was about to make a good point . wallace was in it for biden 1000% it was awful to watch. it was very unfair


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