Conservatives Outraged Over Chief Justice Roberts’ Vote in Church Virus Case

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The latest Supreme Court vote cast by Chief Justice John Roberts, rejecting an effort by a Nevada church to ease limits on attendance at its services during the coronavirus pandemic, was condemned by conservative lawmakers.

Roberts was the decider late Friday, joining the court’s liberals in a 5-4 vote against Calvary Chapel Dayton Valley, a Reno-area church that said the state was discriminating by imposing stricter requirements on church services than on the state’s casinos.

“John Roberts has abandoned his oath,” Senator Ted Cruz, Republican from Texas, said in a tweet. “Maybe Nevada churches should set up craps tables? Then they could open?”

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  1. Surprised!
    Roberts was seemingly a conservative yet he hasn’t shown to be that conservative after all. Quite disappointing! The old lady must retire soon so that a conservative replacement can be installed. Likely the Dems will block the prez from doing it now just as the Republicans did to Obamba. That would not be good for the future of our country. But politics is politics.

    • If it happens before November, the Dems CANNOT block it because the GOP has the majority in the the Senate. And thanks to the obstinacy of the Dems in 2016 during the Gorsuch confirmation, the McConnel changed the rules that a super majority is no longer needed, a simple one of 51 would suffice. That’s how Kavanaugh was confirmed as well.

    • or maybe he is a conservative and not a populist who swings in every direction. it’s amazing it seems the loyalty test for being a conservative is do as I say. and if you disagree with one point your an enemy of conservatives and a “rino”. judges are supposed to vote based on their interpretation of the constitution’s meaning. not what some senator says is right.

  2. “Other large gatherings, like movie theaters and concerts, are subject to similar or tighter restrictions”

    Chief Justice Roberts gave a rare written put down to the four other conservative Justices in the earlier case for ignoring this fact. He wants to keep judges out of deciding public health issues about which they have no expertise.

    • And neither is Justice Roberts. The dissenters did not base their decisions on public health but on the constitution. It is unjustifiable and, IMO, criminal for liberal justices to ignore our religious rights and instead pander to the left. If they had any ounce of integrity, Roberts and his squad should resign immediately.

  3. DOES ANYONE WITH ANY SORT OF BRAIN AT ALL THINK THIS REMOTELY RESEMBLES THE CALIFORNIA LAWSUIT???!! The california lawsuit was trying to open religious events when everything else was much mor restricted here its a flagrant violation where gambling is allowed to operate many times less cautiously the religious events. its the most open shut case of unconstitutional overreach i have seen so far in regards to the pandemic (and that includes all the cases where the religious liberty advocates either won in court or the gov backed off.

  4. If all SCOTUS judges’ decisions would be predictable, we would have no need for the Supreme Court.
    The point of the Court is to examine issues from a constitutional, not from a political/populist, angle.
    That cannot always fall along political affiliation lines.


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