Conservatives Rebel Against Drudge Report for “Black Lives Kill” Headline

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Those were the three words that blared across the Drudge Report early Friday morning after five Dallas police officers were killed in a horrific ambush attack.

And immediately upon seeing the race-baiting headline, conservatives rebelled against a once reliable ally who has become more and more divisive to them over the course of the 2016 campaign.

“In moments like these, we should do the opposite of what Drudge is doing,” Commentary Magazine Editor Noah Rothman wrote on Twitter.

“Responsible reporting as always,” sarcastically tweeted Jeff Blehar, from the popular Ace of Spades blog.

Drudge, for his part, has appeared to bask in the limelight, seemingly enjoying the attention from both fans and critics. He did not respond to an emailed request for comment, but took to Twitter earlier this month to pen a short note to the “lovers and haters.”

The Internet-news mogul wrote: “Thank you for your continued readership! The lovers and the haters. Such extraordinary times. Thrilling, actually.” Read more at Business Insider.



  1. If you can’t admit that “black lives matter” is a racist terrorist group sanctioned by the Obama’s regime, then you are definitely not a conservative; not even a real liberal, more like a brainwashed follower of a fascist cult.

  2. At least Drudge’s headline is more honest than the ridiculous #BlackLivesMatter hashtag.

    Drudge is at least factually correct. The vast majority of black homicides are perpetrated by other blacks. Which is why the BLM hashtag is just one more perfect example of left-wing Orwellian terminology. Because what they really mean is, #BlackDeathsMatter. Or, if they were really honest, they would call it #BlackDeathsMatterAsLongAsTheyAreCausedByWhites (and especially white law enforcement).

    When was the last time you saw anyone riot because a the life of a black person was taken by a fellow black? Anyone?

    The answer is of course not. Why? Because they pack no political or racial punch. And if they were addressed, then the cause would also have to be addressed, and that would mean major questions for the Left and its horrendous welfare policies, as well as its opposition to charter schools and school choice for inner cities. Which would, hopefully, lead to an end to those policies, to encouraging marriage and stable families and the importance of going to school and working hard – which, if accomplished, would put an ax to black poverty and to black dependence on the government and the Democratic Party.

    And we can’t have that, can we?

    So they say that #BlackLivesMatter. And the charade goes on.

  3. I am disgusted by their headline. We have more than enough technology to make sure police and law enforcement are aware, from a distance, whether a person approaching them has had troubles with the law and which sort of troubles. Whatever the colour of their skin may or may not be. Incidentally that’d also make life much easier for gun shops. Innocent lives, of whatever colour, religion, political opinion (even disliked by me), matter to me. With regards to terrorists and violent criminals of all sorts, they should be neutralized, and if feasible sent to rot somewhere for a few decades, else the explosive robot encounters no objections by me. Whether it’s an evil sicko with a dark skin seeking to murder white officers, or a white skinned evil sicko seeking to murder afroamericans, or be it any other combination of ethnicities. No difference.


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