Contentious Election Race in Brooklyn Pits Yeger Against Hikind

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In Boro Park and Midwood, an election race that has increasingly turned personal comes to an end today when voters will elect a replacement for the retiring Councilman David Greenfield. Kalman Yeger, Yoni Hikind and Heshy Tischler are vying for the seat.
Yeger is banking on his experience and promises to stick by yeshivos against those seeking to undermine them. Hikind is touting his antiestablishment persona, along with a sense of public service he picked up form his father, Assemblyman Dov Hikind. Tischler is putting himself out as an outsider who knows what it takes to help people battle the bureaucracy.
{Kol Haolam}


  1. We will be voting today for Yoni as a protest vote against Mr. Yeger. Kalman might have more experience, but the way he got in, with backroom smoke filled room politics, is unacceptable in a true democracy. If Mr. Yeger was a shoo-in, why did he need to resort to such a sleazy mud slinging campaign??? This is perhaps the most heimishe area in Brooklyn. We expected him to act with Derech eretz. We are very disappointed. We’re voting with our conscious. We’re voting for Yoni Hikind.

  2. Absolutely Heshy Tischler
    He knows the system, is a mentsch, and knows how to navigate our city agencies and above all, loves to help people.

  3. B”H I live one block outside the district so I don’t have to sully myself by voting for any of them. The way this campaign was run from both sides was a huge Bizayon to the Frum community.

  4. We are also voting for Yoni Hikind. I totally agree with ‘Voter who Votes’, Mr. Greenfeld knew way before the September Primary that he was accepting te job to become President of the Met. Council but he announced it after the primary date to push in Mr. Yaeger,

  5. It’s very sad and unfortunate how this election campaign became so brutally nasty against one side with some supposedly big rabbis instigating their power against others with threat. In these days, apart from elections we need to unite our powers to bring the geula closers, instead some walked the other path. I just hope that the one who gets in will use his power for the good of all, no matter their background or ethnicity. He should remember a kiddush Hashem comes first. May we merit to unite with love and understanding and be zoiche to the geula shlaima speedily in our days.

  6. As an outsider who can look at this race objectively, I would recommend Hikind. He seems to be the most capable and knowledgeable person in the race. If he is anything like his dad, then the community will benefit. Yeger seems to be like an empty shell for the liberal Democrats who will be a puppet candidate. Tischler, as an outsider, may not be able to accomplish much until he learns the ropes.


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