Continued Tehillim Request for Kallah in Accident

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bus-accident-lakewoodYidden the world over are asked to say Tehillim for Chaya Sarah bas Chava Breindel, who was injured in today’s serious accident involving a bus in Lakewood, NJ. Chaya Sarah just celebrated her engagement┬áthis past week and has been hospitalized in serious condition.

The accident occurred shortly before 5 p.m. on County Line Road, near Monmouth Avenue, when a school bus with no children aboard collided with a car. The bus was empty except for the driver when the crash occurred. The bus flipped onto its right side after the collision and the car, in which the kallah was traveling, was heavily damaged. She was flown to Jersey Shore Trauma Center in Neptune, NJ.

{ Newscenter}


  1. The following was taken from‘s daily email. Perhaps we can all work on this as a zechus for ALL the Tzaros that we are seeing lately to finally stop:

    EVERY single Jew stood at Har Sinai 3,323 years ago.

    EVERY single Jew.

    Hashem gave the holy Torah to EVERY single Jew.

    Hashem proclaimed His love for EVERY single Jew.

    Every Jew is a child of Hashem

    “???? ??? ??’ ??????”


    In just a few weeks we will celebrate the anniversary of that great and awesome day in history.

    Between now and Shavuos, Let’s show Hashem that we will emulate Him and start loving EVERY single Jew.

    Yes, even the ones that don’t dress as we do.

    Yes, even the ones that don’t think as we do.

    Yes, even the ones that are not yet as close to Hashem as we think they should be.

    Yes, even the ones that don’t love us in return.

    EVERY Jew is a child of Hashem.

    EVERY single one.

    Like One Man, with One Heart.

    ???? ??? ??? ???

    Perhaps if we all demonstrate our love for each other, we will finally merit seeing the glory of Hashem in a way that will make the revelation of 3,323 years ago pale in comparison.



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