Contractor’s Revenge: “Money for this Headstone Wasn’t Paid”

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Arutz Sheva reports that Auto Depot CEO Itzik Uzana participated this week in a levayah in Lod’s new cemetery and during the funeral, Uzana was shocked to see a headstone inscribed with: “To the family: The money for this headstone has not been paid.”

Within minutes, Uzana posted the following on the Emek Lod Religious Council’s Facebook page: “Are there no limits? Why do you allow this contractor to vent his feelings in this fashion? He should take the family to court, not punish the deceased. Why do you allow this to continue? I tend to believe that the payment for this headstone is late because the family is having financial difficulties. It happens. Let’s do this: You’ll ensure that this hurtful text is erased, and I’ll take care of the payment for the headstone,” he said.

The Ministry of Religious Affairs has released an official response, saying: “The writing on the headstone was done by the contractor and he is the sole party responsible for it. The burial society and/ or the Religious Council has no part in this matter.”

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  1. Why do you feel the need to report every sichsuch involved in Klal Yisrael/ What is the purpose? Is it going to enhanve my Neshama to hear of other peoples Machlokes? What is the point exactly?

  2. What does this achieve? When the family have the money, they will order a tombstone without those terrible words, very likely from a different contractor. Chances are they’ll also tell the story to all of their relatives, friends and acquaintances, complete with the name of this contractor.
    Pointless pain inflicted on the innocent deceased, and it’s all to be seen whether the relatives have the means to promptly pay. Even if it were so, the contractor could not be bothered with taking the time and expense for suing the estate, which is hardly excusable.

    I am glad the stone has since been removed, yet this is very disturbing.

  3. But was he paid? I’d never do this but I can relate to the pain of being ripped off l…it takes shar habutachon to respond in the right way (and not just NOT respond in the wrong way).


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