Coronavirus in Israel: Lockdown Brings Drop in Infection Rate

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The Israel Health Ministry said this morning that on Wednesday 4,117 people tested positive for Covid-19 in 48,000 tests, bringing the contagion rate to 8.5% – the lowest in three weeks.
1,576 patients are being treated in hospitals, compared with 1,668 on Sunday.
‘847 patients are in serious condition, compared with 890 on Sunday, and 236 are ventilated, compared with 215 on Sunday.
The death toll is 1,824.
The number of active patients is 61,049, compared with 68,811 a week ago.
{ Israel}


  1. Lockdowns are the biggest farce. Within two weeks of people starting to mingle again the count will go up again. Wear masks that helps.

    • Lockdowns will NOT eradicate the flu, fever or any sickness – all known today as Covid-19 or Coronavirus. Lockdowns are for eradicating the elite criminals who’ve infested the world with heinous crimes against humanity for decades in Israel. B”H most of these criminals have been arrested.

      And as for masks, here’s the take from a Gadol BeYisrael:
      The authorities in Israel allowed the Belzer Rebbe shlit”a to have his usual yearly huge crowd joining the prayers in his shul in Yerushalayim for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur but he has to sign a document stating that they’ll all wear masks. The Rebbe told him, “If you show me proof that masks prevent from the virus, I will sign it.” They never came back with proof and the chassidim never wore masks and b”H nobody got this “virus”. Gedolei Yisroel cannot be fooled.

  2. Ya sure. Lockdown brings drop in infection rate, huh???????????????. Tomorrow Fake News will report to the sheeple who believe these nonsense that the moon is made from yellow cheese.

    • You can sell the Brooklyn bridge to these gullible media readers / listeners. They haven’t the faintest idea what the lockdowns are for and how stupid they sound parroting the politicians about the drop in infections because of lockdowns.

  3. Well, duh. But watch it go up as soon as the lockdown is over.
    These lockdowns are ridiculous. They make no medical sense whatsoever and destroy everything – jobs, businesses, peace of mind, you name it – except for one thing: corona.

  4. See the Great Barrington Declaration.
    3 top notch epidemiologists joined by 35 other medical doctors and public health officials made this declaration on October 4th, stating that the lockdowns must stop. Rather a Focused approach must be instituted: take care of the highly susceptible population & let EVERYONE ELSE go back to life as normal.

    Since Monday, 18,000 (!) medical professionals and public health officials have signed, as well as 167,000 (!) in the general community….

    It is simply not true that lockdowns are following the science!


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