Coronavirus News from Agudas Yisroel

  • Coming very soon: The second in our series of webinars on the new coronavirus stimulus package (CARES Act). This one, held with our partners at Cross River Bank, will discuss PPP loans and SBA loans. Sign up here for more information and to register for the webinar. We will be sending out a special update later with more information.
  • The NJ Office of Agudath Israel of America has worked with a team of professionals to put together a comprehensive document with guidance for NJ individuals, businesses, and non-profits regarding finances during coronavirus. Please click here to view and download the guide.
  • The NY Office of Agudath Israel of America has put together a guide for NY residents regarding finances and coronavirus. Click here to view and download the guide. Please reach out to if you have any questions.
  • Agudath Israel of Illinois, as well, has put together a guide for Illinois residents regarding finances and coronavirus. Click here to view and download the document. You can also visit their website, for information and updates regarding COVID-19. If you have any questions, please reach out to them at or call 773 754-3130.
  • Agudath Israel of Ohio has also put together a guide for Ohio residents regarding coronavirus and finances. Click here to view and download the guide. For assistance, please email Agudath Israel/Gesher at or call 216-848-0379.
  • We should note that the guidance that is coming out from government agencies on all these programs is changing day by day. These documents will be updated on a regular basis as we receive new information.
  • In light of the current financial difficulties that many people are facing, the PCS division of Agudath Israel is launching several online courses, including an MS in Accounting, Business Enrichment Course, and Real Estate Development and Redevelopment Course. Courses are partially subsidized and PCS placement coordinators work with the graduates of the course. Please reach out to Mrs. Massry at for more information. Additionally, if you know of any jobs available please reach out and let us know here or call 646-610-9701 or 917-213-6883. You can donate to PCS here.
  • Today is the last day of the virtual Yarchei Kallah with shiurim from Rabbi Asher Weiss and Rabbi Baruch Feivelson, at 12:30 EDT and at 4:00 EDT, respectively. Full details and mareh mekomos below, or click here.
  • Our live teleconference Pesach preparation shiurim conclude tonight – see below for tonight’s speakers and topic. Details also here, including schedule and speakers.
  • Yesterday, over 100 Rebbetzins from across the country joined a conference call organized by Agudath Israel, in partnership with United Task Force, They heard vital chizuk, advice, and guidance from Dr. David Pelcovitz regarding their unique role during this time period. This followed a recent similar call with some 200 Rabbanim.


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