Coronavirus: Spain’s Death Toll Surpasses China’s


Spain’s death toll from the coronavirus has surpassed the official figure from China, becoming the second highest in the world.

Deaths have risen by 738 in just 24 hours to a total of 3,434 – a record spike for Spain.

In comparison, China has officially reported 3,285 deaths, while Italy – the worst affected country – has 6,820.

Spain’s prime minister will later ask MPs to extend his country’s state of emergency for another two weeks.

Read more at BBC.



  1. Typical sick reporting. Not necessarily by matzav but by the media in general. Surpassed china? Really? Only now? Rubbish. Here are the numbers.

    3258 Infected
    1,408,526,449 population 2020
    0.00023130556066683% percentage
    2 in every 10000 died.
    1 in every 5000 fatality per capita

    3434 Deaths
    46,754,778 population 2020
    0.0056796167552068% Percentage
    5 in every thousand
    1 in every 2,000

    6,820 Deaths
    60,461,826 Population 2020
    0.011279844574989% Percentage
    1 in every hundred

    Right. Deaths
    1 in 100 Italy
    1 in 2,000 Spain
    1 in 50,000 China

    Now what are they talking now about overtaking china? They long ago surpassed chinas death rate!

  2. Well their intent is pretty clear, they are not going by Percentage but by deaths. You must try to read correctly. However you percentage is based on population to death total, there should be a calculation either deaths to total infected (which is very difficult because many mild cases are not reported) or total infected to population (which for same reason will not be accurate)

  3. You obviously did not read it correctly. They are talking about deaths not percentages. Also in order to work with percentages there are 2 options. Either you calculate infected verses population or deaths verses infected (both options will not be accurate do to many mild cases not reported). Death toll is the only accurate thing to say they surpassed as cases of infected is not an accurate number.


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