Coronavirus Survivor Gets Whopping $1.1 Million Hospital Bill


A 70-year-old Seattle man who nearly died from the coronavirus got hit with another shock after he recovered: a $1.1 million hospital bill.

Michael Flor was so sick from COVID-19 that his wife and kids called him to say good-bye.

The invoice, totaling an eye-popping $1,122,501.04, ran 181 pages, including $9,736 for his room in the intensive care unit, plus an extra $408,912 because the space had to be sealed off and staff needed to wear full protective gear.

Flor has a Medicare Advantage insurance policy that normally covers all charges after the roughly $6,000 deductible, the paper reported.

Read more at THE NY POST.



  1. Crooks theives and gangsters. That’s why these evil hospitals are NOT “heroes”. The dumb bleeding heart yidden shouldn’t of been bringing them free food and coffee. The hospitals are killing machines. Just because the corrupt governor and attorney general refuse to do any investigation, just proves how wicked and on the take they are. No stupid letter from the the hospital CEO changes the facts on the ground that their hospital murdered so many innocent patients.

  2. Shouldn’t they give AT LEAST this amount for families of all patients whom the doctors and nurses murdered in hospitals?


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