Coronavirus Test Kits Have Been Contaminated With Coronavirus, Says Report


Britain’s attempts to step up its testing for the novel coronavirus have suffered a setback after some key parts of the testing kits that were due to be imported were found to have been contaminated with the coronavirus. The Daily Telegraph reported that British labs have been told to expect a delay in the delivery some of the components of the kits after traces of the virus were detected on them. T

he British government has been criticized for its relatively low testing rates, which are way behind other wealthy nations like Germany, the United States, and South Korea. The government brought in foreign private firms to help produce thousands of kits, but it’s one of those suppliers—the Luxembourg-based firm Eurofins—that has told British labs that some of the components have been contaminated. It’s not clear exactly how the contamination was allowed to happen, but government health sources told the newspaper it shouldn’t cause a big delay. Read more at the Telegraph.



    • The only thing your link proves is that the Trump administration was taking seriously the health of the nation, continuing on the Bush era preparations that were made in case of a hostile/terrorist bio-weapon attack. It was the medical storehouse that was filled under Bush that Obama emptied during the 2009 swine flu (one reason the death rate was not worse than it was), but Obama never refilled it. In fact, the latest Fox news stated that Obama had proposed to reduce CDC funding, and maybe to hide that is one reason why the mainstream media so quickly spread the canard that Trump had reduced the CDC funding (when it is a simple matter of record that Trump increased CDC funding).


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