“CORRECTING AN INJUSTICE:” Trump Reopens Shuls, Deems Them ‘Essential’

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President Donald Trump on Friday announced that he was designating shuls, churches and mosques as “essential places that provide essential services” as the nation continues to combat the coronavirus, despite having little legal sway over state governance.

“Some governors have deemed liquor stores and abortion clinics as essential, but have left out houses of worship. It’s not right,” Trump said. “So I’m correcting this injustice by calling houses of worship essential.”

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  1. Nebach what will the mosrim do now?
    בקרוב נזכה שתקופה קשה זו יעבור, ויתחיל לנמוג מהזיכרון שלנו, ועמו כל הבלבול והטשטוש של ימים אלו, אבל לעולם לא נשכח ולא נסלח לאלו מאחינו שקבלו על עצמם לקיים מצוה גדולה זה למסור דיננו לעכו”ם! לא נשכח ולא נסלח

    • לא נשכח ולא נסלח לאלה שהפקירו דם אחינו והפילו חללים רבים ב”מסירות נפש” למצות תפילה בציבור מדומה

    • NO! he is pandering to the Evangelicals. The Churches that have opened in the South have parishioners that got sick.
      The Constitution gives the power to the Governor. He is beyond foolish.

      • Dear 4:03 vote, do you know what are you talking about?! “The Constitution gives the power to the Governor”?! Our federal constitutional rights cannot be suspended by anybody for any reason, with the exception of the president of the United States who can suspend habeas corpus, but it was done only once, I believe, by Lincoln in 1863. So, state governors have no legal right to close all houses of worship. Trump should start arresting the little commie-fascist democrat governors who usurped our individual rights.

  2. President Donald Trump:- WE LOVE YOU!! You are so correct in opening Houses of Worship as essential, and deeming them essential. We will pray for your victory November 3rd. Mark my word:- G-d shall reward you handsomely for reopening Houses of Worship.

  3. Why is everybody so happy with him? It took him 2 months to realize this??????????

  4. Mr. President:
    please address the issue of yeshiva students who cannot learn from a tablet and teachers that do not use zoom and are perfectly able and can be trusted to follow the cdc’s guidelines for healthy behavior. we desperately need our yeshivas to open up. the loss of accrued class hours is tremendous and the sum of study hours missed is staggering. please open our yeshivas now. thank you.

    • Hmm So the fact that 100s in our community died and 1000s were in a major sekana is not an issue?

      Are you putting your life into Trumps hands?

      We have a Shulchan Aruch that dictates very clearly:

      חמירא סכנתא מאיסורא!

      As we stand,
      מידי חזקת סכנה לא יצאנו!

      Be careful until we don’t know certain.

      • Maybe you can give all of us some מראה מקומות on the sugya of ספק פיקוח נפש that you think you know so well. Like how far are we careful for or what level of risk are we allowed to take. Don’t talk if you don’t know what your talking about. You think it’s so simple? Whenever a doctor says there’s a risk we close Shuls?? Sorry doesn’t work that way

        • Every Shabbos, men are mechalel Shabos to accompany their wives to the hospital to give birth because of a risk of what?
          Do you know one woman who died in childbirth because she drove solo to the hospital?
          I know many people who died from coronavirus.
          Does that count as a maremokom?

  5. as yidden we believe “LEV MELACHIM VESARIM BYAD HASHEM” as rav moshe wolfson says the meaning is that when a melech speaks its really hashem speaking.
    oy lanu that we didnt deem the shuls essential & we sort of got used to it in some way
    so tonight do as the alacha says walk quickly to shul beis hashem nelech berogesh…with the words “eshtachave el heichal kodshecho…

  6. Now let’s get him to let the stores to open. That’s more important than davening in shul
    Yidden are losing their parnossas, going in debt, and no income
    That should be our greatest priority
    The problem is that the Democrats want people to lose their parnossa do they can blame Trump. MURDERERS!!
    Hashem yerachem

  7. President is so in tune with millions of ordinary Americans every day.
    May G-D bless and protect the president and family. May his enemies drop like flies.
    We love you , President Trump.

  8. I love trump and i dont mind that shuls are open but i still think people are stupid if they go there. For some reason i dont think we are strong emough to keep the guidelines. If someome gets sick it wont be on my cheshbon.
    I’m willing to miss a derabonan to keep a depraisa.

    • Dear 3:51 stupido, stay out if you want, but don’t you dare to enforce your paranoia upon the tzibur. If our people are capable enough to keep the safety rules when shopping in Costco for an hour or so, then they can do the same in shuls; and if they are not keeping the safety rules when shopping, then they must have been already exposed, and shutting down the shuls won’t make anyone safer. Try to concentrate and reread the previous sentence.

  9. All you quick-firing wisenheimers, thinking about Purim, how about Yidden waiting it out for just two more weeks starting this Sunday (bedavka), see what happens and THEN go to shul? Hamaskil Yavin

    • Dear 4:05 Yosele, you are welcome to wait for another decade or longer, until vaccine becomes available, or until icecaps melt, or until extraterrestrials make contact, if you wish. However, we, the sane people, don’t need to wait. If you can go Target, you should be able to daven betzibur.

  10. Good. We don’t need babies like you coming to Shul in the first place. After all, it’s dangerous just walking to Shul. You never know. You can get hit by a car or a falling branch. Even if you make it to Shul, maybe the guy sitting next to you didn’t get vaccinated?! OMG. Just do us all a favor and stay home. You’ll be safe and live forever.

  11. This is idiotic
    1) He isn’t in charge of opening shuls
    2) At this point (almost?) all states have allowed shuls to reopen including NY NJ MD
    3) The problem with shuls was never whther they were essential or not. the problem is by its nature shuls are for congregating the EXACT opposite of social distancing. Stores are for shopping not congregating
    4) What Trump says and doesnt say doesnt change the virus

    • Dear 10:32pm Sheker, your post is idiotic, on so many levels. Concentrate and reread some of the previous posts; maybe you’ll learn something.

    • @emes the reason the governers let shuls open,is because trump said if they dont allow them to open he would overrule them,and none of them would wanna be orverruled because they would come off looking foolish GO TRUMP GO2020!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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