CORRUPT: Food Coupons: Discrimination Against Foreign Residents

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Several months ago, Interior Minister Aryeh Deri established a generous program in Israel to help underprivileged families during the Corona pandemic. Under Deri’s direction, the Israeli Interior Ministry launched an initiative to give families in need valuable coupons for food and other goods in supermarkets. Eligible families can receive as more than 7000 shekels in total assistance from this program. Eligibility is primarily for those who receive an arnona discount due to low income.

Immediately upon the announcement of this program, Chaim V’Chessed contacted officials to check the requirements for eligibility. At the time, Chaim V’Chessed staff were assured that non-citizen residents of Israel would be eligible, as well. For several months, the program was held up due to several legal challenges. However, just prior to Pesach, the legal issues were resolved and distribution of food cards to needy families began.

To our chagrin, non-citizen residents of Israel found themselves barred from receiving these coupons. Callers from cities across Israel have reported being turned down for the program because they are not Israeli citizens. After numerous attempts to bridge the gap with the Interior Ministry, Chaim V’Chessed engaged Yigal Arnon & Co., a top-flight legal firm, to investigate the rules of eligibility.

The prestigious firm discovered that, according to regulations, it is clear that toshavim (residents) ought to eligible for this sizable grant. When all efforts failed, the legal team, headed by attorneys Nir Rozner and Guy Yarom, sent a strongly worded missive to the Interior Ministry today demanding an immediate rectification of this situation. It is our hope that the Interior Ministry will resolve this matter in a fair and timely fashion.

If you are a non-citizen resident of Israel who should be eligible for this program, please click here to submit your details. All information will remain confidential.

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  1. I would love to be outraged over this but I’m having difficulty.

    The United State doesn’t give food stamps to non-citizens either. Which county does?

  2. Are US stimulus checks and food stamps given to non-citizens? It only makes sense that if you are not a legal citizen in the country you don’t get government benefits. These American citizens are entitled to the US stimulus check if they paid taxes in the US. You can’t have the best of both worlds. I’m sorry. You’re taking away from needy Israeli families who literally have no other food benefits and are starving. That not right.

  3. Very strange comments made here about the U.S. not giving non-citizens financial assistance. A web search shows clearly that non-citizen legal residents get food stamps (though depending on the nature of the “residency” a full and equal treatment for some categories of non-citizen adults is only after 5 years).

    As far as COVID relief is concerned, I quote from a web site:
    > you will be entitled to receive the full stimulus payment if you are a US citizen or resident … have a valid Social Security Number (SSN)

    Note the phrase “or resident”.

  4. Non Citizen Residents who demand but dont contribute…..I am glad they are here but wish they would make themselves legit. LeHavdil Kinda like Goyim who keep sheva mitzvot bnei noach vs Geirim. Will Hashem give the former the same rights as the latter?

  5. These are legal residents who pay Israeli taxes and by law are already entitled to these food assistance cards.
    The bureaucracy just hasn’t gotten around to making sure they’re able to get them. After all, they’re not voters.
    The deadline for signing up for these cards is in about a week or so.

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