Corrupt NYC Ticket Judges

6 reports: If you’ve ever received an unfair parking ticket in New York City, it’s sometimes easier to pay it than fight it. Some judges admit that they agree it is a problem.

Most of us believe that when we go before a judge, even if it is in a place like the parking violations bureau, the judge will be fair. But some judges at parking violations say that it is often difficult for them to give you a fair deal.

A judge, who did not want to be identified, said, “Justice and fairness is not at a high level of priority.”

He, and other judges, told Fox 5 exclusively that they are upset because they often can’t be fair to motorists.

3 judges and a former judge told Fox 5 that judges have to handle a certain number cases each hour. It could reach 10 tickets an hour in a courtroom or 70 by mail.

An unidentified judge says, “The bottom line is that the parking violations bureau is part of the agency that is charged with making money.”

Judges say is they don’t meet ticket quotas, they receive less work. That is a real threat since they are contract employees.

And what about guilty quotas? One judge claims that they are required to report how many tickets they decide are not guilty.

He says, “You are less willing to stick your neck out.”

Judges say they just don’t have time to dig into cases and check the law.

{MyFoxNY/ Newscenter}


  1. You can thank Lord Mike Bloomberg for this behavior. He has created this anti taxpayer citizen attitude. When it comes to tickets: “you are guilty untill proven innocent”. This is not the American way. You can’t pass the budget on the backs of hard working New Yorkers. It’s no wonder that working taxpayer people are leaving the City in droves. Shame on Bloomberg! This bum broke the law that we taxpayers voted for and annointed himself against the will of the people!

  2. I’ve had many times that the judge purposely misconstrued my words and ruled guilty in a very simple and open case. Upon receiving my first ticket, I was appalled at finding the mailing address to be Department Of Finance. That sounds so midieval!
    I think it should actualy be contested in a high court as a conflict of interest.

  3. @#1
    Maybe, if you didn’t double park like the entire Brooklyn does and block the lane, you wouldn’t get tickets. Yes. I Know there is nowhere else to park, but can you imagine how bad it would be if they didn’t give tickets. If you can’t deal with the crowd move out of the city.

  4. Why do you suppose I double parked? Perhaps if you ever stop fuming you will be able to read what I wrote.
    Or perhaps you have hateful comments saved and shortcuted, ready to press. You read the title and press the button.

  5. We are living in a “cotcha” society! The concern for someone else’s wallot, is meaningless. For a billionaire like Bloomberg, ah – whats a $125.00 ticket here & there? There lies the problem.


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