CORRUPT: Rogue Police Action Against Motorists On Palisades Parkway Being Investigated

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  1. This problem is not only on the Palisades. All agencies that give tickets are guilty of this. In most cases, the cop knows it’s your word against his. Did you ever see what the sanitation cops write on their tickets? You could have one wayward piece of paper and they’ll write you up that you would think you had the city dump on your property. Right before the summer, my son was driving on the Palisades at 1am he got pulled for speeding but the cop gave him a ticket for tailgating too. There was no other car within 5 miles. Last week, I got a ticket for registration sticker not displayed properly. In the comments, the agent wrote sticker on the dash. This is a lie. My registration is where it’s supposed to be right next to the inspection sticker for the last year and a half. The most you can do is file a complaint.

    • Yes. New York, and other places, have become a total Police State. These lowlife donut eaters know that they have the power to lord over you and nothing will ever happen to them! Red light cameras & speeding cameras at almost every block along Coney Island Avenue & Ocean Parkway. Who authorized that? Is that legal? Does anybody care?! I am truly shocked that the Bergen County prosecutor actually exposed this well known illegal ploy.

  2. It is totally ridiculous that the little stretch of the Pallisades that is in New Jersey, has a speed limit of 50 mph. It is strictly a speed trap to bring in revenue. Most of the the New York stretch, especially as you get closer to Bear Mountain, is 65 mph like any other normal highway. It is straight driving with pretty good grade. It’s the same stupidity with Ocean Parkway in Brooklyn. DeBlasio lowering the speed limit to 25 is absurd! It is meant strictly as a GOTCHA to double tax the overburdened New Yorkers! Pathetic.

    • There is no point on the Palisades where the speed limit is 65 mph. After exit 9 going north, it goes from 50 to 55.


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