Cory Booker Quotes Tanach, Says Jews With Tzitzis Was One Of The Best Sights He Ever Saw

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Cory Booker spoke at a Town Hall last night and told of his experience with Jews in America.

“One of the best sights I’ve ever saw was a bunch of Jewish Americans with Yarmulkes and tzitzis hanging out cheering and dancing as Muslim countries came into this community, Booker said, going on to quote a posuk in Tanach in Hebrew.


  1. He is attempting to use us, our scriptures and faith, to make it seem as if we support his far left-wing agenda.

    I call that out as a scam and fake news.

    He is the fruit of the renegade Lubavitcher preacher and tv personality Rev. Samuel Boteach, but neither he, nor his teacher Rev. Sammy Boteach, are mainstream Judaism.

  2. Hes like your typical j4 j knocking on your door and quoting hebrew/ yidfish saying to get you into his trap. What an oisvorf!

  3. Let name guess.
    He’s speaking to a bunch of liberal Jews . The only problem with it is he doesn’t realize that these Jews don’t get so excited from yarmulkas & tzizis.
    When he goes speaking to the Muslims he’ll say how excited he gets when he sees a bunch of burkas hijabs & kafiyas

  4. Its the sabbath, Corey. We are still here by its honor.

    Thanks. Interesting commentary today. Corey still is very unorthodox. Net away.

  5. Yeh but when it comes to being gay he goes apoplectic and forgets that the Torah claims it’s an abomination. A fake and hypocrite.

  6. Nothing wrong with disagreeing with the Senator on positions and votes, I do strongly on most of his politics, but the mocking, hostility, and condescending tone that the comment section always fills up with when it comes to Booker is so narrowminded and frankly, vicious.

    Of course no one liked his vote on the Iran deal, but guess what, a majority of the Senate voted in support as well likely believing (perhaps foolishly, albeit genuinely), that it was in the best interest of the United States and the world at large. And guess what else, Senators and politicians are not single issue voters. Get over it. He’s a left-leaning liberal Democrat and likely doesn’t share many of your political views on most other issues either. But he’s 1 of 2 Senators in the state of New Jersey with one of the largest Jewish and Orthodox populations in the country. So that’s it? He’s out the window? Scum of the earth? Let’s think smartly. Not emotionally.

    So it bothers you that he quotes “our scripture”? Chill out. Attacking him for his LGBT stance? Seriously? So does every single Democrat and most Republicans nowadays. Do we agree with it? No. But since when do his beliefs have to conform with yours?

    He is, and has always been a great friend of the Jewish community. He’s familiar with us. And he’s comfortable around us. If it makes you uncomfortable that he is a high profile left leaning Democrat running for president, just ignore. Don’t attack. When community advocates and organizations meet with him to advance our “other” vital shared goals and agenda with him, you never know if comments like these make it his way.

    Now everyone go have some good Thursday night Cholent while we solve the worlds problems, and take a deep breath.

    • To Bigger Picture,
      Your attitude toward this piece of garbage, Booker is truly disgusting. You make it sound like he’s a tzadik when in fact this lighter version of Obama is just as evil as Obama if not worse. After Obama, Clinton, Brennan, Comey, etc. people are not as stupid as they were in the past. They see a phony like Booker and they realize that they’re being taken advantage of once again. Don’t apologize for this menuvil. Don’t make excuses for this piece of trash. The looney left is slowly dying out in our country. We no longer believe the phony DemocRATs who say one thing but do the opposite.
      The swamp is being drained of the Bookers, Adam Shiffs, Warrens, Sanders. etc. Make America Great Again!!!

    • Ezra, take it easy. The same argument can be made for just about every democrat candidate including Pete Buttigieg and Bernie Sanders. There is no candidate that is inherently evil, besides for President Trump, of course.

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