Councilman-Elect Chaim Deutsch: Thank You Voters, Lets Get To Work

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chaim-deutschThe day after Election Day, Councilman-Elect Chaim Deutsch walked through the neighborhoods of our district not just to thank the voters for his impressive victory on November 5th, but to listen.

Mr. Deutsch has declared the next 60 days as days of opportunity to get to listen, learn and seek ways of helping his constituents, benefiting all residents and business owners in the 48th council district.

“After a long campaign season, many candidates take a well deserved vacation, I decided to get to work immediately” stated Mr. Deutsch, “Quality of life issues rank high on my list and I intend on being an aggressive, problem solver for my district.” As founder of Shomrim, and an assistant to Councilman Nelson, Mr. Deutsch is no stranger to knowing how to get things done to help the community and he appears ready to hit the ground running. “I want to sincerely thank all those that supported me and look forward to working hard on behalf of all my constituents,” Mr. Deutsch said.

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