Councilman Greenfield Delays Tree-Pruning Until After Pesach


david-greenfieldLess than three days after being elected to the New York City Council, Councilman-elect David Greenfield was contacted by residents of 55th Street just hours before Shabbos this past Friday. The residents said that the Parks Department posted signs for a scheduled tree pruning from 11th Avenue to 13th Avenue during the first day of Pesach. The tree pruning operation would force drivers to move hundreds of cars on Pesach. Alternatively, cars that remain parked are traditionally towed away.Greenfield, due to his previous relationship with the Parks Department, was able to get immediate action and have the tree pruning delayed until after the Yom Tov.

“I want to thank Brooklyn Parks Commissioner Julius Spiegel for quickly accommodating the religious needs of the residents of 55th Street allowing them to have a true ‘chag kasher v’sameach‘,” said Greenfield.

{Noam Newscenter}


  1. Fantastic!! What an achievment – how much did he spend on canvassing & he managed to change the pruning day!! The mind boggles as to what he will achieve when he really starts to work..!! Well .. I suppose we all get what we deserve!!

  2. Let’s hear it from all Greenfield bashers.

    I could’ve done the same. He didn’t do it, the ‘Askanim’ that sit in Albany 24/7 did it. Oh! This? It is such a minor thing, everyone could to do this. Lazar already released a statement with something about trees – same thing. Greenfield says he will do everything, won’t do a thing. etc.

    Yes, it won’t help you! Greenfield is a person that will do upon receiving a complaint. No! He won’t be busy with condemning Achmadinjad, he’s the pothole councilman. Got a problem as such, knock on his door and he’ll actually help you! Where were all ‘Askanim’ now? If they were contacted, they’re not worth anything, and if they weren’t contacted we want someone that you can always contact. That is what David Greenfield is all about, and that’s what the community wanted!

    Go David Go!


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