Councilman Greenfield Goes to War Against Pashkevilin

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 pashkevil-smallCouncilman David Greenfield is asking the NYC Sanitation Department to hold fully accountable the individuals that have recently taken to dumping thousands of fliers on the streets of Boro Park and Williamsburg.

Greenfield spoke directly with the Sanitation Department and demanded that there be zero tolerance on pashkevilim to send a clear message that this type of activity is unacceptable.

“It is illegal and quite frankly irresponsible to dump thousands of fliers throughout the neighborhood regardless of what the message is. If you don’t like someone our Constitution protects your right to stand on a street corner and yell, but you have no right to litter that same street corner. This is a fair warning. I will work closely with the Sanitation Department and other government authorities to find those responsible for littering our streets and hold them accountable. If you do this, you will be caught and held accountable.”

Greenfield is also working with his legislative counsel to draft new legislation empowering the NYPD to issue violations in cases of illegal and mass dumping like what occurred today in Boro Park.

{Gavriel Newscenter}


  1. They are all over Monsey too. The streets and grasses are covered in it. It is in front of stores, office building and houses. It is a huge chilul Hashem and a real eyesore. Ramapo sent out crews a few days ago using our taxpaying money to clean them up, and these thugs immediately proceeded to dump them all over again.

    Haven’t we learned our lesson that we are in galus now and can’t do whatever we want? This is what causes tremendous anti semitism.

  2. It’s sad that he, an elected official, who may be jeopardizing his re-election because of how some in our community operate, has to call on the Dept. Of Sanitation and the NYPD to deal with it! Where is everyone?
    Is this why there was a clearly visible “keshes” yesterday? Is the Aibershter showing us a message!???

  3. i luv pahskevilin! i really do. it makes things lively and geshamak. and i read them on 13th avenue as ai eat my danisha nd scoffee every day after davening at Shomer Shabbos.

  4. Any chance the authorities in E”Y will take notice of this as well? I of-course do not mean that they should take action against the thousands of pashkevilim stuck on the walls of Meah Sheorim,for as is well known,remove them and the walls come tumbling down.B”H the Kossel will remain standing even without these pashkevillim.

  5. #3,

    He is not jeopardizing his reelection with this. This IS reelection campaign propaganda. Nothing less, nothing more.

    The way he jeopardized his reelection is through aligning himself with the toevanic speaker and voting for ALL her legislation, regardless of how it contradicts our values and morals.


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