Councilman Greenfield Lauds Hatzolah for Swift Response After Intern Faints at Quinn Press Conference


hatzolahCouncilman David Greenfield yesterday praised Hatzolah ambulance crews for their quick response after an intern for Councilwoman Diana Reyna fainted at a press conference held by Council Speaker Christine Quinn in Brooklyn.

“The quick and professional response by Hatzolah ambulance crews is even more impressive considering that it occurred on Tisha B’Av, when its volunteers are in the middle of fasting,” said Greenfield.

The councilman said that the incident reinforced what is already known – that our community is extremely fortunate to have capable and dedicated volunteers looking out for us around the clock.

“It is important that we find out what caused the FDNY ambulance to be delayed in the first place, but it is also important that we pause to thank these great volunteers for their response today and throughout the year,” said Greenfield.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. Since fdny is a city agency the response after thew investigation will be as follows.
    Bloomberg will say “they did everything according to the book”. The union will say “this is how they always did it”. You can go on and on.


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