Couple Makes MILLIONS When They Crack The Code To Buying Lottery Tickets

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Jerry and Marge Selbee made $26 million winning various state lottery games over six years when they realized a trick to beatig the odds for a lottery called Winfall.

Mr. Selbee, who has a bachelor’s degree in mathematics, made the discovery that changed their lives when he discovered how to take advantage of a feature called the ‘roll down’, which was when no one won the $5 million jackpot and the money was then spread across those who matched five, four and three numbers.

Jerry calculated that if he bought thousands of tickets, he would get a certain amount of five, four and three matches and pull pull in a large profit.

Selbee evetually set up a corporation called G.S. Investment Strategies and invited family and friends to buy shares for $500 each. Over a six-year period G.S. Investment Strategies made $26 million until lottery officials noticed the high volume of tickets being bought in the town and picked up on the statistical trick and changed the lottery’s rules.

Selbee, who did nothing illegal in this venture, walked away with $8 million after taxes and his story may be turned into a Hollywood movie.




Read more at The Daily Mail.




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