Couple Saved From Reform Wedding

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Many Israeli couples have secular marriages not because they are opposed to halachic weddings, but because of the complicated bureaucracy involved in proving they are Jewish and unmarried, and getting a marriage license. A couple who recently arrived from the United States arranged to have a Reform wedding for this very reason but changed their minds due to help from Beno’am, an organization which utilizes rabbonim and rabbinate officials to smooth the path for Jews seeking to get married.

“We wanted to marry through the rabbinate but during the process we realized that if we waited for all the bureaucracy, we would need to delay the wedding another two months,” the bridegroom said. “So we both decided to get married the easy way, through Reform. But a friend of mine told me that he had gone to rabbonim who speed the process. I and my fiancé agreed to this and the rabbonim indeed speeded the process and we are now getting married through the rabbinate.”

“You need to remember that the average secular Jew is not interested in a Reform wedding and wants a Jewish wedding conducted according to halacha,” said Rav Yisroel Meir Ri’ani, founder and CEO of the Beno’am organization. “For such a person, a rabbi is an Orthodox rabbi. But because of poor service and red tape he gets angry and turns to other channels. In the case of the couple from the U.S., we were able to expedite the process and boruch Hashem we got them to cancel the civil wedding in favor of a rabbinate wedding.”

{ Israel News Bureau}



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