Court: Agudah Must Accept Female MKs

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Israel’s High Court gave the Israeli Agudas Yisroel political party 21 days to erase the word “man” from regulations defining who may run for Knesset on the party’s behalf.

This follows a 2016 petition of ten women’s groups and is the latest stage of a battle that has lasted for over 30 years.

Degel Hatorah and Shas were not prosecuted because they have no explicit women-excluding clause in their charters.

{ Israel}


  1. Vee es christzelch azoi yiddelzach r’l!

    We in America are consistently touting a seeming “charedi” woman Judge. More so, she has been invited by a chesed organization in what’s been dubbed the ir H’torah Lakewood to speak and inspire the wives of kollel yungerlight.

    We must be consistent and not waver when it comes to devarim sh’bikdusha.

  2. So now we have “gedolim” like Richie F. Above agreeing with the Israeli court, that women should be added to Agudah…

    This is what these girls learn in our very acedemic schools!!!!!

    Shame on al the teachers and principals!!!

  3. This whole feminist agenda assumes that women and men are on different wavelengths and women will always vote for women regardless of the issues.

    I think that was Hillary’s campaign slogan and they were horrified at every woman who didnt mindlessly vote for her.

  4. To be a representative of the Agudah they must accept to abide by the Moetzes – that’s basic.
    And if the Moetzes says they cannot represent them, then the issue is moot. SImple
    Yet, the “wise” Supreme Court justices will have a tough time understanding that. Idiots
    And to Ruchie F. – if you can’t accept the basics of Yiddishkeit – go fly a kite.
    The Chofetz Chaim zt”l in his time did not allow any women around in the Agudah. Has anything changed?
    Not to us B”H

  5. As the story goes about the Briskers who predicted that ‘ a time will come when the “Secrataren” will run the Agudah’.

    Nu. Nu Zadik Gozer V’HKBH Mekayem.

    In any event – Its a sad situation.

  6. this is what you get for cooperating with Amalek (Zionists), no sympathy to these “frum” parties that work with those committed to destroying Yiddishkeit.

    • you condemn the Zionists and yet you give a pass to those who throw jewish children into the wilderness everyday! to be consumed by beasts of the modern world!

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